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May 3, 2014 07:26 AM

Wild Mountain Cafe - Ballard

Thinking about trying this place for breakfast when I visit in June. Any thoughts? I have been to a lot of the great breakfast places like Portage Bay and want to try something different with gluten-free options.

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  1. It's good. Nice servers, cute converted old house. Coffee on the porch when there's a wait. The scambles are big and fresh.

    1. I love it. They do a mean eggs benedict.

      1. Their scrambles are excellent. Good portions, too. Their sweets and pastries are also supposed to be wonderful but I've yet to try those. I live nearby and they get busy after 10am (especially on the weekends), so best get there early.

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          Thanks for giving me the go-ahead. My sister and I had a wonderful breakfast. I had the Tower of Power with 2 eggs and it was fresh and delicious. My sister loved her vegetarian eggs benedict, too. We lucked out and had no wait - even though it was Saturday.