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May 3, 2014 05:58 AM

Close to University Medical Center with patient

Husband just had major surgery at University Maryland Center and is being released to the hotel. We need to stay here 2 weeks and need to eat. So far I've tried Eden West and Pratt Street Ale House. We'll need to cab it everywhere so I was looking at the following options:
Roys ( been to San Diego location)
LP Steamers
Sullivan's Steak House, and
Thoughts anyone?

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  1. Is this thread of use?

    I was at Phillips years ago and it was not good.

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    1. re: mscoffee1

      Yes, thank you. I really should have done a search. My husband just had a liver transplant so my head has been on getting meds straight. I'm really curious about Bertha's so hopefully someone will post comments on that.

      1. re: Pegmeister

        I went to Bertha's many moons ago before I knew better. Which is not to say that everything is bad. I ordered mussels that were plainly steamed and then a sauce was brought to the table. I only like the Belgian/French service where they are cooked with the sauce, each flavoring the other. i realize the mussles only need a few moments in the pot, but that makes all the difference in terms of temperature and flavor. I believe they can be ordered that way at Bertha's, but I've never gone back, and I don't hear much about it on Chowhound. In the DC area, there are now so many places to get mussels - as where before Bertha's was alone.

    2. Pegmeister--firstly, hope your hubby is recovering and that you are taking care of yourself. It's difficult being a caregiver--especially when out of town. With that being said, your selected restaurants aren't what Baltimore has really to offer.

      It would be helpful to know where you are staying--perhaps your hotel provides transportation in the downtown area so that you don't have to spend money on taxi's, etc.

      If you venture over to Fells Point--east of the Inner Harbor (the heart of downtown Baltimore)--there are many options. Forget Bertha's. There is Waterfront Kitchen, Mezze (tapas oriented)--Black Olive--the freshest fish offerings (also great grilled lamb).

      Then south of the Inner Harbor--Federal Hill provides many of the newer, more trendy, but reliably good restaurants. I can't recommend any, as I haven't had the opportunity to dine out much recently on account of personal reasons.

      Canton--further east of Fell Point--but not far from downtown/center Baltimore--many options. Once again, I am sure that the Ch-er's will jump on board with their recommendations.

      IN the heart of downtown Baltimore--Sotto Sopra (wonderful Italian restaurant)--Tio Pepe's (a Baltimore "old school") Spanish influenced restaurant--the B&O American Brasserie (in the HOtel Monaco) is worth a look-see. Just around the corner is the French Kitchen in the Lord Baltimore Hotel. (Avoid LIttle Italy--just the typical red sauce/pasta offerings).

      You may also consider consulting with your hotel's concierge--perhaps some in-room dining may be appropriate via local restaurants--giving you both a chance to just relax. Best wishes--FoiGras

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        Thank you for all your suggestions. I did see Black Olive and it looked interesting. We are taking taxies or shuttles everywhere but today we just walked to the Pratt Street Ale House so he could get some exercise and we could eat outside. We are staying at the Holiday Inn on Lombard.

      2. Looks like we'll be here 2 more weeks and husband is getting around a little more easily. So far it's been the hotel restaurant, Eden West which isn't too bad; Pratt Street Ale House and M&S. My crab stuffed shrimp at M&S wasn't cooked so I sent it back but the refire was quite good.

        So now I'm wondering about Rusty Scupper and One-eyed Mikes. I wAnted to try Black Olive but he vetoed it. Thought La Tasca looked interesting. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we're pretty limited with activities he can do and at least we can eat out.

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        1. re: Pegmeister

          I would personally skip Rusty Scupper and La Tasca. Check out Tabrizis, B&O Brasserie, Forno and Alewife. One Eyed Mikes isn't bad at all, but if you're in the area over there I would rather eat at Dudas or Mezze.

        2. From your list, it sounds like you enjoy great seafood? If so, I'd urge you to reconsider Black Olive again-- it's really a fabulous place. They also have a second restaurant, The Olive Room, with a great outdoor deck. Another idea would be to take a cab north to the Baltimore Museum of Art. It would be a nice place to stroll around, and if the weather is nice, their restaurant (Gertrudes) has nice outdoor seating, which is surrounded by their sculpture garden. If you're willing to splurge, check out Ouzu Bay. It's greek, and everything I've had there has been stellar, but it's quite pricey. Let us know if there are certain types of food you're craving, as that will help us make more specific recommendations.

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          1. re: stephanieg

            I do keep looking at the Black Olive menu so we may still get there. It's hard because my husband tires easily and doesn't always like to try things We went to La Tasca yesterday and sat on the outside desk. If you can get past the sticky tables the food was enjoyable. We had empanadas; stuffed pasta shells; Jamon Serrano ham and tetilla cheese. Our time was limited today so we went to the restaurant at the Marriott, The Yard or something like that. Had a perfectly acceptable crab Mac and cheese. I miss a good lobster roll that's why I thought maybe Sullivan's and I don't seem to see scallops on many menus. My husband is happy with a hot dog so as dining companions we're not always the best match.

            1. re: Pegmeister

              Here's another idea-- take the water taxi over to Fell's Point and try the Thames Street Oyster House, where you can get a lobster roll and your husband a grilled sausage! I particularly crave their salad with fresh crab, shrimp, and scallops. And if you're a scallop lover, the grilled scallops at Black Olive are my favorites! Another place you may really enjoy is Heavy Seas Alehouse. It's a pub, but it has excellent, top quality food, and a really diverse menu. It changes somewhat regularly, based on what's fresh, but last time I was there, they had a few scallop dishes in addition to more common pub food-- burgers etc. Their sides are my weakness-- I LOVE their fries in particular, and many rave about their onion rings.

              1. re: stephanieg

                I like the idea of taking the water taxi so I'll check out the menu at Thames Oyster House. Since tomorrow is Mother's Day and everywhere is apt to be busy we'll probably stay at the hotel. Still trying to convince my husband to go to Black Olive.

          2. Seafood
            Try Ryleigh's Oyster Bar in the Cross Street Market area(Federal Hill)
            Mamma's on the Half Shell in the Canton area.
            Pierpoints in Upper Fells Point Aliceanna Street (try the smoked crabcake)