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May 3, 2014 05:07 AM

Quick, tasy, healthy and cheap lunches near Square Victoria

Hi folks!
I know I'm asking a lot but is this possible given the area? It doesn't have to be sit-down and by cheap less than 15$. My friend is working in the area, a new transplant to the downtown scene,and he's having a hard time eating for under $20. So far the best and cheapest option has been Le Clafouti but he's getting bored of sandwichesand the nearby food courts are just Ok.

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  1. Should there be food trucks in the area ?

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    1. re: Maximilien

      I think they will set up soon and he'll give them a try for sure but was just wondering what other options exist.

    2. I used to work in the area so I feel your friend's pain. I too ate at Clafouti til I could no longer look at another sandwich.

      Does he have enough time at lunch to jaunt quickly down to Chinatown? A quick pho or other inexpensive Vietnamese lunch at Pho Bang New York or a lunch special at Beijing or one of the other places in the area might add some variety.

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        Chinatown is a bit too far to make it on a regular basis. He has a 1 hour lunch.

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          It's actually very close by Bixi and there are bike paths. So, no angry drivers will try kill him for daring to bike on the street.

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            It's also only 20 mins round trip to Beijing by foot, less if you walk fast. That leaves 40 mins for lunch, do-able if you order within minutes off the lunch menu, which always comes fast. I've done it hoofing it (ok, pretty much running) from Peel St.

        2. I like FCO de Fumicino (451 viger o.), great italian style pizza by the slice, with cafeteria style service and a big communal table.

          I haven't been to "les gourmets press├ęs" (st-jacques just east of the TD building) in a while, but I have memories of good sandwiches and brownies. I'm not even sure if they're still around...

          Titanic (st-pierre just south of notre-dame) has really good gourmet sandwiches. They're around 10$, quite good, and pretty big - I know many people who have trouble finishing one in a single sitting. Once again, the service is cafeteria-style, but with a pretty pleasant dining room.

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          1. re: lepuma

            Gourmet Presse has been closed for a few weeks. Building is being transformed into condos and a high-end restaurant will open later this year.

          2. Brit and Chips is good (though one can only eat fried fish so often), also Cartet has some decent options too for a more breakfasty type of food. It's generally not a cheap area though, he may want to consider making his own lunches more often :(

            1. Cafe Frais on Beaver Hall fits the bill exactly.