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Quick, tasy, healthy and cheap lunches near Square Victoria

Hi folks!
I know I'm asking a lot but is this possible given the area? It doesn't have to be sit-down and by cheap less than 15$. My friend is working in the area, a new transplant to the downtown scene,and he's having a hard time eating for under $20. So far the best and cheapest option has been Le Clafouti but he's getting bored of sandwichesand the nearby food courts are just Ok.

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  1. Should there be food trucks in the area ?

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      I think they will set up soon and he'll give them a try for sure but was just wondering what other options exist.

    2. I used to work in the area so I feel your friend's pain. I too ate at Clafouti til I could no longer look at another sandwich.

      Does he have enough time at lunch to jaunt quickly down to Chinatown? A quick pho or other inexpensive Vietnamese lunch at Pho Bang New York or a lunch special at Beijing or one of the other places in the area might add some variety.

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        Chinatown is a bit too far to make it on a regular basis. He has a 1 hour lunch.

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          It's actually very close by Bixi and there are bike paths. So, no angry drivers will try kill him for daring to bike on the street.

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            It's also only 20 mins round trip to Beijing by foot, less if you walk fast. That leaves 40 mins for lunch, do-able if you order within minutes off the lunch menu, which always comes fast. I've done it hoofing it (ok, pretty much running) from Peel St.

        2. I like FCO de Fumicino (451 viger o.), great italian style pizza by the slice, with cafeteria style service and a big communal table.

          I haven't been to "les gourmets pressés" (st-jacques just east of the TD building) in a while, but I have memories of good sandwiches and brownies. I'm not even sure if they're still around...

          Titanic (st-pierre just south of notre-dame) has really good gourmet sandwiches. They're around 10$, quite good, and pretty big - I know many people who have trouble finishing one in a single sitting. Once again, the service is cafeteria-style, but with a pretty pleasant dining room.

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            Gourmet Presse has been closed for a few weeks. Building is being transformed into condos and a high-end restaurant will open later this year.

          2. Brit and Chips is good (though one can only eat fried fish so often), also Cartet has some decent options too for a more breakfasty type of food. It's generally not a cheap area though, he may want to consider making his own lunches more often :(

            1. Cafe Frais on Beaver Hall fits the bill exactly.

              1. To be honest for me it's either Clafouti (sorry) or La Prep inside the Quebecor building (usually short lineups and under 10$ with 2 salads). Otherwise the Grillades du Cèdres under the stock exchange is decent and they've got some nice rotation, even though I tend to stick to their shish taouk.

                I'll have to try Cafe Frais as recommended by Stax88 but I think there's also a Korean place serving bibimbap at 615 Belmont just nearby.

                1. When I used to work in that area, i liked Green Cafe on Viger, Daylight factory as well.

                  A bit further south there's Soupe Soup on Wellington, but then it's not much closer to walk there then to go to Chinatown

                  1. I also second Stax88 for Café Frais and add Sésame (on St-Jacques) and Thé mon Café (on Notre-Dame), though the latter does not offer many sitting places.

                    1. I work in the area, and these 3 spots have earned by undying love and affection by virtue of their outstanding sandwiches (all around $10) as well as friendly service which is quite important to me.

                      1) Bello (363 Place Youville)

                      2) Café Luna d'Oro (469 St-François-Xavier)

                      3) Café Pavé (243 Notre-Dame Ouest)

                      I also go sometimes to Marché de la Villette (324 St-Paul Ouest) for a BIG classic ham and cheese sandwich on good baguette, or to Brit n' Chips for a very tasty (if less than wasitline-friendly) box of fish n'chips, or Five Guys when sheer gluttony is in order.

                      Stash Café, the Polish restaurant on St-Paul and St-François-Xavier, has good specials every day... and pierogies. Sometimes you just want pierogies.

                      When I want to be more frugal, I get salads and a spring roll at Clafouti. Occasionally I opt for a wrap at Java U and inevitably regret it.

                      I never, ever go to Olive + Gourmando (I just can't stomach the price of a sandwich, but if they can keep it up, more power to them).

                      Finally: I heard there is a new spot called Cantinho do Lisboa on St-Paul, and then there's Le Serpent on Ottawa, but that's a little far for the OP. Looking forward to trying those.