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May 2, 2014 10:17 PM

Cheap, not necessarily Chowish, free-form crawls..Where have U gone for spontaneous drive and noshes?

We ended up on a random free-form, no-theme crawl of nothing gourmet but turned out to be good cheap enjoyment.. Wondering if anyone else has suggestions...

We started at Seawitch Peabody for bluefish and salmon lunches, 15$ for 2, then to Brooksby Farm which wasn't open for food but enjoyed looking out our 13 year old new car's moonroof at the blue sky and puffy clouds, , went to Zuckers Bakery for a hot challah, but not open so got one at TJs with some snack foods, then to Market Street where we had OTTO eggplant, onion, ricotta pizza for $13 while sitting outside overlooking the Hilltop Cows, then got a peach apple crumble with caramel ice cream $4 to go and ate it outside Kings and watched their fireplace and outside TVs for the 3rd period of the Bruins game, kind of a little like going to the drive-in...

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  1. Did a weird Quindao Garden, Greek corner, Franks Steak House (early bird special) and Vernas doughnuts, late lunch crawl for my birthday one year.

    The trick is closing time at Vernas, which can be early. we actually went there first and had dessert at home.

    Also really weird dreams.

    How about Louie's pizza (118 Main), fried chicken at Eri's wings (502 main), Italian coldcut provisions at Marcos (389 Main), and then noodles at Gene's Flatbread (??) when he opens in woburn.

    1. Next time add Ziggy's donuts Peabody location to your mix, just down the road from Brooksbys.

      1. wow, nothing?

        Did i poison what seemed to be a fun thread?

        who knew?

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        1. re: hyde

          this thread sounds fun to me!---

          1. re: kewpie

            as much fun as your crawl between Padma and Tom's tables? wink wink

          2. re: hyde

            dumbstruck at the awesomeness/hilarity of your post.

            (but seriously, I don’t do crawls ‘cuz I count my points.)

          3. hyde, I like all your wacky combos! and thanks for telling about Genes coming! that's exciting!
            phatchris- we really have been wanting to try Ziggys, but we always seem to end up in the vicinity after they close.. wish they were open later... or not when we are full or off to a meal.. Any specific recs?

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            1. re: chompie

              I really enjoyed the jelly, and I'm not a huge Boston cream guy, but theirs is really good.

            2. Not recent but a summer rerun will be inspired by Chompie.

              You have me thinking about a drive to Tiverton with lunch at Evelyns Drive Inn, Gray's Ice cream for a cone of Grapenut, and then the Provender for a take away supper.

              Haven't done this combo since we sold our RI house long also.


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              1. re: BostonZest

                One of our favorite places to explore, although we haven't actually been to Evelyn's. I guess we'll have to rectify that on our next trip. Love that Grapenut cone and the Provender picnic supplies, topped off with a trip to Sakonnet Vineyards. A glass of their Port sounds pretty good.

                1. re: BostonZest

                  Keep in mind Steve Johnson's planned new joint in Tiverton. I wonder when that might come to fruition? We visit that area often so we're very excited!

                  1. re: digga

                    When that happens I'll make it a weekend down there!

                    1. re: digga

                      I think Johnson is aiming for a fall opening for his Tiverton place.