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May 2, 2014 09:12 PM

Polish Festival/Polonia Restaurant

Polish festival is this weekend at the Polish church on Blalock just south of Hammerly and north of Long Point.

I went to Polonia a couple of times recently, once had the veal schnitzel, and the other the pork cutlet. The veal was a bit tough and I preferred the pork, and saved a couple of bucks. Grab a Polish vodka shot and a Czech pilsner on draft to round out the meal.

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  1. I highly recommend the Polish festival, we just got back. The wifeacita and I opened with two shots of Polish vodka at Polonia, 5 bucks each, and drove just down the street, free parking just north of the church. Five dollar entry fee, we fed on pork shank, hunter's stew, pierogis, and kielbasa, plus good Polish beer, wine available. The food is provided by Polonia. A great desert was kremowka, a Polish pastry, they kept running out but wifeacita scored 4 to go. She got turned on to it by the Polish lady across from us wolfing hers down. Plenty of shaded seating, some in padded chairs. There are dancers in costume that are super, English might be a second language here. It reminds me of the old Montrose Greek festival before it got on steroids and is now under a tent in a parking lot. If you can't get there Sunday they do it again in the fall.

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      We've been several times and always enjoy it. Some of the best pierogis, although I thought the church ladies made them. The children performing are so cute and colorful. When we visit Polonia, I ask for the pierogis to be pan fried because that is how it's done in our family. And they always recommend a cocktail of Sobieski and cranberry juice. Tasty!

      I usually order the sausage and kraut because it is so darn good. Here's a picture:

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        The good ladies may have made them, we stopped at Polonia first for a couple of vodkas and the owner's brother rattled off some items they supplied, can't remember if one was the pierogis, I'll ask next time I'm in. Speaking of sauerkraut, we scored a free batch. The young Hispanic server gave us some with our delicious pork shank which was supposed to come with hunters stew. I asked her about and she insisted the kraut was the stew, so I went to the Polish guy and he confirmed what I thought, asking if I wanted to dump the kraut. No, ya think?!

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          Stopped by Polonia today for a couple of Polish vodkas, Belvedere, and the owner's brother said Polonia made the food, including pierogis. We didn't eat because we ate at Bonfire Wings close to post doctor visit. Very good wings, gumbo, and boudain for a wing place. I think we'll hit Polonia this weekend. Lambowner, have you tried the cabbage rolls, we always see them at Polonia and heard a lot of good comments at the festival?

          1. re: James Cristinian

            I don't believe I have! But now I want to.

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              Mere minutes ago the wifeacita crisped up some to go pierogis in the pan, potato and cheese we had from the festival. Fantastic, great suggestion Lambowner! Next, on to the kremowka pastry. We were talking to the folks about it at Polonia and they both expressed their love for it, launching into a discussion in Polish about who made it. The waitress got there a little late Saturday and was very sorry she missed the festival kremowka.

          2. re: Lambowner

            That cocktail sounds right up the wifeacitas alley!