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May 2, 2014 08:49 PM

Matcha Love (@ Mitsuwa)

Nothing quite says "relief" like some matcha and black sesame soft serve on a 90 degree day in San Diego.

And their hojicha soft serve even has the faint aroma of slightly roasted green tea leaves.

Almost makes me happy for 90 degree days. Almost.

Matcha Love (inside of Mitsuwa)

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  1. Well, as for me, what I really wanted today was a gigantic bowl of ice-cold gazpacho and a pitcher of sangria.

    But I settled for bun ga nuong (a lukewarm dish) and Thai tea (nice and cold) at Bale. They were little off today, foodwise, but good enough for government work, and the Thai tea hit the spot.

    I wonder what others had today to survive the desert heat?

    Glad the matcha at Matcha Love did the trick for you.

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      "I wonder what others had today to survive the desert heat?" - Dinner at the restaurant at Pearl Hotel. The best weather to sit outside and have some good food and cocktails (and some late night snacks and cocktails at Blue Ribbon Rustic Kitchen)

    2. I went there right after they opened, and the people behind a counter had a huge argument when I asked for matcha + black sesame. The lady in charge of the ice cream kept telling the cashier, "It's not going to taste good!". She actually made a combined one, tasted it, then REMADE a separate cup with the matcha and black sesame separated, that she eventually gave to me. Hey, she's got principles :D

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      1. re: shouzen

        A "soft serve ninja" (a la the soup nazi)?