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May 2, 2014 07:05 PM

Dragon Legend reviews?

My birthday is coming up and I like going to Dragon pearl, it's a buffet and I like that. I like the variety and the quality is pretty good. It's a bit too dark for my taste, and I'm not a fan of the lacquer.

I recently heard that Dragon Legend is dragon pearl's sister.

Anyone been there? How does it compare? I usually don't eat dim sum at buffet's at night because well...I only eat that for dim sum.

Appreciate any suggestions or opinions because this place is more expensive than DP, if it's not that great we'll just go to the usual suspect.

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  1. Decor is funky and over the top for a Chinese Buffet place!!
    Food is OK for a buffet place especially the sushi. But avoid the 'fried' ones. Very oily and greasy.
    Teens might like the idea of a Chinese/Japanese combo set-up. But not for me.

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      I don't wan to commit blasmphemy here...the lack of replies tells me CH's do not do buffets.

      However, which buffet would you say is good? IMO dragon pearl is the best one, and I rank it along with Mandarin. I'm not talking authentic chinese at mandarin but the quality is comparable for what you pay.

      1. re: flonie

        Buffets, the Mandarin, and "authenticity" have certainly brought out polarized comments on CH in the past. The joy of CH I guess.

        Personally, I try to avoid buffets or AYCE concepts (but am often dragged along to them in group functions) and I enjoy good Chinese food whether it is considered authentic or not. That said, I've always considered the Mandarin the best of the bigger Chinese buffets and have only been to the Dragon Pearl trice which I agree is largely comparable to the Mandarin although I think its food targets the Asian ethnic crowd more. The Dragon Legend is near me, but I'm not in any hurry to be dragged there either, although I suspect if one likes the Pearl, the Legend should be OK.

        1. re: T Long

          If you go on yelp or the food thread of the "bargain" website, lots of discussion about Dragon Legend buffet both lunch and dinner.
          If I were to choose, I would choose Dragon Legend and Pearl, then Mandarin. I would not consider any other ones since I have concerns with cleanliness.
          I think for the high price you are paying, especially for weekend dinner rates, most folks prefer to spend their $$ elsewhere; that's why very little response.
          But my parents and kids do enjoy going to Mandarin and Yang's sushi for AYCE. And we always used to do China Buffet King when we have big family reunion dinners.
          I don't think the food is horrid. My parents and in-laws are very picky and they love having little bites of various desserts for dinner. We loved it back when China Buffet King used to serve these big conch like clams and steamed oysters.
          For lobster buffet, we prefer Sunday brunch or dinner at Delta Scarborough. Much more civilized and "calm". And we love the smoked salmon and dessert crepes.

        2. re: flonie

          I've only been to Dragon Pearl for lunch a few times over a year ago and I've been to Dragon Legend recently for dinner. While I agree that Mandarin is one of the better Asian buffets, I'd say the food quality at Dragon Pearl and Legend is even better. I actually think the Peking duck I had at Dragon Legend is better than quite a few restaurants (although not Dayali level obviously). Dim Sum was below average though.

          One thing you should be aware of at Dragon Legend is it gets crowded. The parking lot is a mess when it gets busy and there are long lines for the food. You have to line up to be served the duck and sashimi, and this can sometimes take almost 10 minutes.