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May 2, 2014 06:43 PM

Lunch in Sacramento

will be in sacto on monday and will need lunch. looking for the best authentic asian (pho, soon tofu, szechuan, thai, whatever).
i live in a very ethnically homogenous area, and need my fix! if there is nothing in this vein to recommend, NY style pizza or awesome mexican/latin american will work. thanks!

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  1. I see that you post mostly on the SF Bay Area board (how ethnically homogenous can that be??), so you're not likely to find anything in Sacramento that you can't find closer to home. Still, there are possibilities.

    I would start by checking out, which, while a little dated now, will introduce you to a part of Sacramento that is extremely diverse (bear in mind that the adjacent freeway is a construction zone, so traffic on surface streets in this area will be heavy for the next few weeks). One of the restaurants featured is now closed (Hong Kong Cafe), but I believe the rest are still open. Also on Broadway but not featured in the series is Pho Bac Hoa Viet, which is reliable if not spectacular.

    To me, tho, the best authentic asian restaurant in Sacramento is June's Cafe, on V Street between 9th and 10th. What makes it authentic? Well, just about everything on the menu is something my kibei grandmother used to make. To me, that makes it authentic…authentically Japanese-American. Don't wrinkle your nose at that label, tho, because June isn't about Monster Truck Rolls or what is currently described as 'Asian Fusion'. We're talking throwback food that brings back memories.

    If that ain't your thing, Stockton Boulevard between about Florin Road and Fruitridge Road (more or less) is known as Little Saigon. There's tons of mom & pop places along there that always smell great, altho I have no personal experience with them.

    The best dim sum in Sacramento these days (IMNSHO) is at Hong Kong Islander, on Freeport Boulevard just north of Executive Airport, but if you're by yourself, you'll miss a lot.

    In what part of Sacramento will you be?

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      i don't live in the bay area anymore :( thus my *need* to reconnect with some good food. i am headed to 11th street to file some papers. thanks for the recs. ill be with my wife. junes sounds really nice. any favorite dishes?

      1. re: frontzNskrontz

        I usually get either the butter beef, chicken katsu, or pork katsu at June's.

        Since you'll be in the general vicinity, make a stop at the New World Bakery on 10th Street just south of Q Street. (If you're walking from the Secretary of State building to June's, you can go right past the bakery.) They make the best fortune cookies I've ever had. You can get a huge bag of 'flops' for a buck and a quarter.

    2. If you want Hong Kong style fast food, Macau Cafe can't be beat. You can find all the standard HK foods here and its quite tasty too. Be sure to try the turnip cake and tell them to make it spicy.