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Outdoor dining in lower Westchester

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Hello all! Now that the weather has finally gotten a bit nicer, I would love to eat outside. What are your favorite restaurants in lower Westchester (we're in Mamaroneck) with outdoor seating? Bartaco in Port Chester and Bar Harbor in Mamaroneck come to mind, but I think Bartacos tacos are just ok, and my husband will never go back to Bar Harbor (it was that good). Thanks!

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  1. Piccolo mulino has a very nice backyard and good food.

    1. Toscana Ristorante ... http://toscana-ristorante.com/main.php

      1. haven't been myself, but dubrovnik in new rochelle has an outdoor terrace and it is supposed to be very nice.

        1. Chat in Scarsdale has a very nice, large patio, and the food is quite good.

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            Sorry, cannot agree about chat, have gone several times and found the food to be mediocre at best,overrated and overpriced

          2. I recently had a nice lunch outdoors at 360 American Grille.

            1. Forgot to mention Quenas at 109 Halstead Avenue in Harrison for very good Peruvian food. The backyard patio is lovely.