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May 2, 2014 03:51 PM

baby free for a weekend. Where to eat?

My husband and I are getting away for a much needed long weekend from Boston without our 1 year old. We are staying at the Hilton on the waterfront and will have a car. We are looking for casual, beach places to eat breakfast and lunch and some nicer options for dinner. What is right on the beach? What serves great food? We are open to different types of cuisine and would love some suggestions. We don't get out alone very much and are really looking forward to this trip!

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  1. You really need to say what city...

    1. If, and when, we got a reprieve from our 1 year old, we took the opportunity to catch up on 365 nights of disrupted sleep.

      Willis, whatchu talking about eating?

      1. Whoops! Fort Lauderdale at the Hilton on the beach. Anywhere good around here? How about lunch places we could walk to from the beach?