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May 2, 2014 03:48 PM

Looking for Kosher candy filled computer mice

My husband seems to think we once had such an animal- a platic toy computer muse with candy inside. I'd love to find a small quanity of these (like maybe 50 or so) to take to a party we will be attending this summer. I've seen a few vendors, but we'd need to order way too manylike 200 or some other carzy number,.

Any ideas?

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  1. Why not source empty containers and fill them yourselves...?

    1. Illinois Nut & Candy is our local Kosher candy/gift source and may have some pointers.


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        thanks for mthre tip but just today nI thik we found a local sourcemfor mboth candy qnd the containers:) Bonus points for us- she also makes decorated mcookiesand molded chocolates!