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May 2, 2014 02:29 PM

New Vietnamese restaurant in Nassau County

Just read this on Newsday's blog - Pho Maxia in Westbury.
Here's hoping it's a good one. And that it stays.

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  1. Can't wait!! I've never stopped missing Cafe Monaco, opened in Stony Brook in the 70s.

    1. Went for lunch today. We ordered the Pho Special, the Pho Satay Beef and the Maxia Special Bahn Mi. Both bahn mi and the house special pho were quite good, if a bit under- spiced. Remedied with a few squirts of Sriracha. Some more fish sauce would have been nice, too, but there was a bit of of a language barrier, so we made do. I did not care for the satay beef pho, as I thought it bland and too sweet.

      Service was good, almost too good, bordering on hovering, but I'll take that over being ignored.

      We'll be back to try other items on the menu. Over all, a nice addition to Long Island. Saves me a trip to Flushing when the beast must be tamed.

      1. Had dinner last nite....A mixed bag at best...Beef Satay (isn't this a Thai dish?) was moist and not tough with a a sauce which was tasty with a mild touch of heat, but was lacking in peanut flavor. Beef ball Pho was okay. The meat balls were rubbery and thus offputting...the broth was okay but needed mint leaves to add needed flavor. My wife had a main dish of rice noodle with spring rolls and satay accompanied by cuc and pickled carrot/baby onion sides. It also came with lettuce and mint leaves with which the waiter told us to make wraps using the main dish ingredients. It was a bit unusual in that we were not used to eating room temperature rice noodles and putting spring rolls into wraps.

        An interesting note was that when the bill came ( Cash only) itwas written in Chinese. We asked the waitress and she said that the kitchen help were Vietnamese of Chinese descent. In fact, she told us she was Chinese, period.

        So, is Pho Maxia Flushing or East Elmhurst quality and authenticity? MMMM, no. Is it the best Vietnamese restaurant in Nassau county and five minutes from my home? Yes. So, give it a try and hope that in time it evolves into a real and thriving touch of much needed diversity on Long island.