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May 2, 2014 01:08 PM

Maui - what fruits are in season in May

We are heading to Maui next week, and I'm looking forward to eating lots of yummy fruits! Does anyone know what's in season? Are mangos in season in May?


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  1. This might help:

    Don't forget to grab some Golden Glow mangos from Yee's Orchards in Kihei.

    Yee's Orchards
    1165 South Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI
    Tue-Thu, Sat-Sun 11 am - 5 pm
    Closed Mondays and Fridays
    Cash only, look for the outdoor hut

    1. You might want to try locally-grown apple bananas, a variety that differs from the usual Central American imports. Many islanders will only eat apple bananas. Also, recommend pineapples specially tagged as Maui Gold and the "sunrise" variety of papayas, which have reddish-orange flesh. All are available at supermarkets but Foodland has special tags on locally grown produce. Strawberries grown in Kula are also available. I saw some of Yee's Golden Glow mangos for sale here on Oahu a few weeks ago, so maybe mangos are available on Maui.

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      1. re: honu2

        I see Yee's Golden Glow every week at the farmer's market so they are definitely available on Maui.

        1. re: killersmile

          Thanks! I've been eating Yee's golden glow mangoes almost everyday. It's heaven!

      2. There is a guy that has been selling fruit on the back side of Maui around the West end past Kapalua on the 1 lane road to Kahului..
        He is so nice and has some of the best local fruit and usually has a cooler full of beer too!