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May 2, 2014 12:00 PM

Looking for galangal

Anyone know where I can find this Thai ginger in Toronto. I tried Sunny(Chinese in Markham) and Loblaws at Queens Quay with no luck.

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  1. Oriental Harvest at 310 Spadina has it. They also have fresh tumeric if you are looking for that.

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    1. TNT Supermarket on Cherry street carries it as well.

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      1. I've seen it in the Gerrard/Broadview mini-Chinatown in the bigger grocery places. Also, I saw it at the Lucky Moose on Dundas near Spadina a few weeks ago.

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        1. It's often not labelled "galangal". It's just wrapped in plastic on a foam tray with the price and some Asian characters on it. But it looks like small ginger, thinner skin with rings, and sometimes has a red tinge.

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            Thanks so much! I'm determined to find it and make my own thai pastes for my videos.

          2. Just wanted to let you all know that I was looking for something else and found a frozen version!

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            1. re: kravingsblog

              The frozen chopped lemongrass is also inexpensive and convenient.