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Looking for galangal

Anyone know where I can find this Thai ginger in Toronto. I tried Sunny(Chinese in Markham) and Loblaws at Queens Quay with no luck.

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  1. Oriental Harvest at 310 Spadina has it. They also have fresh tumeric if you are looking for that.

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    1. TNT Supermarket on Cherry street carries it as well.

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      1. I've seen it in the Gerrard/Broadview mini-Chinatown in the bigger grocery places. Also, I saw it at the Lucky Moose on Dundas near Spadina a few weeks ago.

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        1. It's often not labelled "galangal". It's just wrapped in plastic on a foam tray with the price and some Asian characters on it. But it looks like small ginger, thinner skin with rings, and sometimes has a red tinge.

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            Thanks so much! I'm determined to find it and make my own thai pastes for my videos.

          2. Just wanted to let you all know that I was looking for something else and found a frozen version!

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              The frozen chopped lemongrass is also inexpensive and convenient.

            2. Also the green grocer downstairs at SLM usually has it (also thai basil, Vietnamese mint, etc).

              1. Why would you use a frozen version when there is a fresh one readily available?
                I saw galangal today at TNT Supermarket.

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                  I know I know ... I just saw it and caved :( - Will pick up fresh the next round