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May 2, 2014 11:48 AM

Airport dining

We have a pretty long lay over at Logan Airport. Where's the best place to eat and drink these days? I see the inside the airport question hasn't been asked since 2011.

What local specialty should we order?

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  1. Logan Airport is the only place I patronize Legal Seafood. For airport, it's really pretty good.

      1. Depending on how long the layover is, you could venture into Boston. The distance between airport and city is marginal compared to many cities (like Chicago) - if you don't mind having to go back through security etc...

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          If you don't want to drag your carry-on luggage around, maybe you can consider water taxi which stores items for you for free while you tour around town.

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            Thanks. We do have carry-ons, so that's very good information about the water taxi storage service.

          1. How timely - my husband and I were just discussing this when we were traveling the other day and also came to the conclusion of the previous posters that Legal's is by far the best choice at Logan. Luckily there is one form of Legal's (Legal C bar, Legal's Test Kitchen, etc.) in all terminals except for E, I believe.

            As for local specialties - definitely try their clam chowder and their crab cakes are great. I am also a fan of their "Rhode Island-style" calamari. For whatever reason I'm always in the mood for beer when I eat at Legal's and they do have a few local beers on draft you could try that may not be readily available where you're coming from. Safe travels.