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May 2, 2014 11:23 AM

Can't taste or smell anything


I had a bad cold this week, and I'm mostly over it, though I still have a little sinus pressure and nose-blowing.

At this point, I can breathe through my nose well enough, but I still can't taste or smell ANYTHING. I'd put it at pretty much completely zero.

Anyone ever had this happen? I want to think it's just going to go away, but it's really freaking me out.

  1. I've had that happen a few times and it's so weird!

    It'll go away eventually. Get well soon!

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    1. re: UTgal

      I hope so - nice to hear it's happened to someone else and gotten better!

    2. That's EXTREMELY common. No worries, it won't last.

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      1. re: greygarious

        Thanks! It's nice to get some words of encouragement!

      2. That's something you'll want to check out with your doctor. It is possible for a virus to rob you of your sense of smell. And smell is closely associated with taste.

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        1. re: mcsheridan

          I figure I'll go to the doc when it's been a while longer, if there's no improvement. I'm sure the taste thing is a direct result of the smell loss, as you say, and I've found a lot online about viruses causing smell loss, so all that makes sense.

          I was just also looking for examples of temporary issues that resolved, to see if anyone had had that experience, as well. (And to try and make myself feel less anxious about it.)

          1. re: gildeddawn

            It is common. I recall someone posting a similar thread last fall, losing his/her smell and taste for a month or more but it came back eventually. Good luck. In the meantime, maybe it will be more enjoyable for you to eat textures you enjoy, like crunching on apples and salads.

            1. re: gildeddawn

              Please tell me, how long did it take for this to resolve? My taste has been gone for 3 days not and I'm freaking out. I also can't smell.

              1. re: Daniellew97

                Hey Danielle - check out the bottom of the thread - unfortunately, for me it took several months to improve, and still, a year later, isn't normal, but is much better. But others have improved a lot more quickly, so don't freak out too much yet. (I know, easier said than done.)

          2. bit into a scotch bonnet chili pepper and report back.

            1. If you like spicy food, call your best local Thai place and tell them you've had a bad cold and a need a strong, hot Tom Yum soup -- ask for lots of ginger, lime and chili. Most Thai chefs know just how to tweak it for sick people. If you're doing take-out, heat it up and drink it as hot as you can stand once you get home. It will clear your sinuses and help get your taste buds going again.