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May 2, 2014 10:15 AM

Rehearsal dinner in Waltham/surrounding area

I was originally going to have a rehearsal dinner on a Friday night at Tempo in July. Thought it was almost booked and ready to go when I got an alarming call that they are behind on their renovation schedule, and are now predicting that the restaurant will be completely torn down on the day of the reservation.

I've looked into La Campania at their suggestion. They don't have enough room to accommodate 30 adults and 3 kids.

I've tried avoiding places with food/bev minimums with an estimate of $50pp, but I'm kind of going crazy trying to find a nice place with good food to fit my party.

Any suggestions? I'm ok with traveling 15ish minutes by car to a neighboring town.

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  1. Also another one of Tempo's suggestions: if I can find an event space close by, they can cater the food (their kitchen will remain untouched). If anyone has any bright ideas that Google hasn't offered me yet, I'd really love to know!

    1. It's been a long time, but I remember Il Capriccio as being somewhat bigger than La Campagia, maybe they could accomodate. You might also try Stellina in Watertown, Il Casale in Belmont, Lumiere in West Newton, Cook in Newtonville.

      1. Solea might do. Also, if you don't mind "ordinary" (perfectly acceptable just not extraordinary) Fiorello's might do.

        1. Solea in Waltham has private rooms, doesn't it?

          1. We had our rehearsal dinner at Il Capriccio in Waltham and everything was great. We were sat in an area that seated 25 but I think it's worth your while to check. I think we were able to either set a menu or order ala carte. Went back for dinner last year and the food and service was very good.

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