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Andrew Zimmern coming to the Count Basie Theater on August 1, 2014

Heidi cooks and bakes May 2, 2014 09:33 AM

I always am looking for something different in food, and I have to admit to lovingly WATCHING (but not always convinced I'd actually try) Andrew Zimmern eating all those things he does!

He's coming to the Count Basie Theater, and tickets are on sale now. I've got mine!

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  1. seal RE: Heidi cooks and bakes May 3, 2014 04:05 AM

    We will be there too. I wonder what he will be doing...

    1. e
      EL7 RE: Heidi cooks and bakes May 3, 2014 12:09 PM

      ooh so glad you posted this! I was thinking about getting tickets but... I don't know? What is he going to do eat on stage??? I enjoy watching his show but I also like Anthony Bourdain. I don't know why either of them would be better in person. However, I also love Kenny G music and that was my first live show, and since then I am addicted to seeing musicians that I enjoy play. Is it them with food? Please tell me why you bought tickets. I want to go, I think...?

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      1. re: EL7
        seal RE: EL7 May 4, 2014 05:33 AM

        Lol! I wish I knew why I am going, except to say that a nice early dinner at Via45 followed by some entertainment (whatever that may be) at CBT sounds good to me.

        1. re: EL7
          Heidi cooks and bakes RE: EL7 May 4, 2014 02:17 PM

          I'm going because I find his perspective on food interesting. He's got an open mind, and he's able to articulate what the food tastes like to him.

          He seems like a fun person, and I always enjoy his perspective on the food and the cultures he visits. So I'm not expecting him to eat anything, but talk about his experiences.

        2. c
          coldsolderjoint RE: Heidi cooks and bakes May 5, 2014 06:33 AM

          I went to one of these with two actors from Modern Family. It was fun and unique. They just told stories about their history and some "insider" information on the show, and took plenty of questions from the audience. It wasn't so much a show, but more of a "get to know the actors" thing.

          Not sure if this is the same sort of set-up or not, but the listing doesn't say hes actually going to be eating anything.

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          1. re: coldsolderjoint
            jrvedivici RE: coldsolderjoint May 5, 2014 10:06 AM

            Oh come on............you're not going to say which two actors? I know the show has been on a while but I just recently got turned on to it and it has quickly become one of my favorite shows. How long ago was this?

            1. re: jrvedivici
              MichelleM131 RE: jrvedivici May 5, 2014 05:06 PM

              It was the two who play Mitchell and Cam. About a month or two, probably?

              1. re: MichelleM131
                Curlz RE: MichelleM131 May 5, 2014 06:15 PM

                One of my friends went to that...she loved it!

            2. re: coldsolderjoint
              hcentro RE: coldsolderjoint May 5, 2014 05:09 PM

              Were you the guy hooting in the front row???

              1. re: hcentro
                coldsolderjoint RE: hcentro May 5, 2014 09:16 PM

                Lol, no, didn't get there in enough time to get hammered before hand.

                We got balcony tickets to one side and had the row to ourselves.

                Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

            3. j
              joonjoon RE: Heidi cooks and bakes May 5, 2014 09:15 AM

              Whether it's Bourdain or Zimmern, I genuinely have a hard time understanding why people would pay to see them talk...

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                jetermacaw RE: joonjoon May 5, 2014 10:14 AM

                Thank you joonjoon, especially if Zimmern starts spewing his liberal bullcrap.

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