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May 2, 2014 08:44 AM

finding my past posts nd saved recipes

Please help...where do I find my past posts and saved recipes?.
I don't recoognze the new CHOW.

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  1. Click on your profile name in the top right hand corner of the screen.

    1. Up in the right hand corner of the page, you'll see your user name and a tiny, downward-facing arrow to the right. Click on that, then select "My Profile" from the drop-down choices. You'll find all your stuff. :)

      1. Click on your nametag at the top right of the page, which brings you to your profile page. From there, click on the titles in the box at the top of the page to access:

        1) My Followed Discussions (any discussion you post in is included there, unless you unclick the yellow star at the top of the discussion, as well as any discussion you've chosen to follow by clicking the star.)

        2) All Discussions (any discussion in which you have participated.)

        3) Posts (the text of the last 30 posts you've posted to. You can also see which of your posts have been recommended on this page.)

        4) My Reading List (the posts of anyone who is on your reading list. You can add a poster to your reading list by clicking on their username and clicking +FOLLOW at the top right of their profile)

        5) Photos (all photos you've uploaded in your posts.)

        6) Saved Recipes (all CHOW recipes you have clicked "Save to Profile" under the recipe's photo.)

        All Discussions, Posts, Photos and Saved Recipes are viewable to any other poster who views your profile.

          1. If msmouser is looking at a mobile site, then different steps are required.

            At the Top left there is a red box with white stripes. Selecting that gives a drop down which includes your avatar.

            Selecting the avatar/ your user name goes to a drop down which shows My Followed Discussions on the page.

            The box with My Followed Discussions has a right pointing arrow.

            Select the arrow to change it to a downward pointing arrow and a list of what else you can access about your profile when on the mobile site.