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May 2, 2014 08:35 AM

Dinner near Academy of Music - Saturday in June

I am looking for recommendations for an early dinner after a Saturday matinee of Evita. I am not looking to go top-shelf price wise, but rather middle if possible. It will be a party of 4, open to anything other than sushi.

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  1. I'm a fan of Sbraga at Broad & Pine. It's $55 per person for a 4 course dinner.

    1. You could probably get the pre theatre special at Estia (assuming you matinee is done by 5.) Its a good value, and you would be right there. 30 dollar, limited choice but reasonable variety.

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        I second Estia's $30 menu. Imagine...Estia and Evita.

        1. Many good choices in all price ranges and cuisines within a few blocks from the Academy some of course are top-shelf, if only in price. Estia recs here are right on point. We frequently find our selves having the pre-theater at Estia and always enjoying it. Do reserve asap as Estia is popular, with good food and service and very reasonably priced for CC and one could fall into the Academy from their front door or vice versa.

          1. Amis is close by, also Little Nonna's, and if you'd like less expensive, Nomad Roman.