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May 2, 2014 08:29 AM

Green Zebra is a Must-Go!

We've been to Green Zebra six times, and will keep going! (We've tried and very much liked Avec, Blackbird, MK and others, however Green Zebra continues to be a stand-out.) Service is impeccable and friendly, every dish is fresh, imaginative and delicious! The cocktails are equally imaginative, and the wine list is great. They have a wide selection of small plates. - last night, particular favorites were Somen Noodles, Moroccan Chickpea Soup, and Acorn Squash Dumplings. At Green Zebra you feel like a special guest. Carol, the manager, is warm and welcoming, as is the rest of the staff. You don't have to be vegetarian/vegan to love this spot - we're not, and it's still our favorite restaurant in Chicago.

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  1. Have you had the tasting menu? That was our choice on our one visit, to celebrate many triumphs with our niece and her now husband, and we were underwhelmed. Some issues weren't their fault (on a Sunday night it seemed to be a neighborhood draw and a certain toddler enjoyed clanging silverware together), and others were (a server clueless about the wine pairing and eventually bringing us the bottles so we could identify each ourselves; responding to my request for bread that they would charge us for it, my agreement, then still only bringing two slices for our table of four). It was also surprising to me that a vegetarian-leaning restaurant could not accommodate a vegan tasting-menu request, even with advanced notice via phone. I am not someone who usually complains about hunger after tasting menus, and this time, given that a veggie menu is not very filling without significant carbs, I wanted more. For example, the portion of risotto, was quite small; rice is not a high-cost ingredient, and it was much too precious in proportion. While our experience was disappointing, I know enough people who enjoy it that I am still a bit suspicious that I might enjoy an a la carte meal at GZ. What is the best ordering strategy? Sell me, I'm listening!