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May 2, 2014 08:14 AM

Dinner before or after Broadway? [Patsy's?]

I will be visiting NYC for the first time in over thirty years. Going to see Wicked and wondering where to go for dinner as I will be alone? I found a place online called "Patsys". Any comments about this place? Also is it best to go to dinner before or after show? I'm not going till June but figure I need to get reservations soon. Thanks in advance for any help :)

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  1. Dining afterward will be less crowded, although assuming your show gets out around 11, there will also be fewer options. Here are various possibilities in and around Times Square:


      1. I like going to Ippudo (the newer Midtown West location) post-Broadway shows. It's a short walk, and the bustling bar seating makes it great for a solo diner. For a solo diner, it might be possible to do dinner there pre-show as well.

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          Never heard of it but will check it online. Thanks

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            Note that the wait times at Ippudo pre-theater could be considerable and plan accordingly....

        2. Patsy's is very old school Italian: Red sauce, Frank Sinatra on both the walls and the soundtrack, that sort of thing. Over priced for what it is, but not bad the last time I went (which was years ago).

          Probably not the ideal spot for a solo diner, but it might be OK

          What type of food do you like? Budget?

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            Was afraid solo might not work. I like about anything except fresh fish. Budget like to be under fifty

          2. My post was one of scoopG's links, regarding post theater dining. We ended up at Don Antonio, 2 blocks from the August Wilson theater after seeing Jersey Boys.

            They are a branch of a Naples restaurant serving excellent pizza, our margherita pie was delicious. Thin crust, beautifully blistered, just the right amount of sauce and cheese, perfect for a single diner.