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May 2, 2014 07:23 AM

Low residue diet help

I need ideas for food that fit a strict low-residue diet and use no garlic or dairy. Any ideas? I'm especially looking for desserts, though all suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. Hi, I've been on a low residue diet for about 3 years now, with even more restrictions. I do eat some dairy though.

    Desserts may be tricky for you with no cow's milk, but you can substitute almond, rice, or soy milk if you tolerate it. Almond and soy work best as a sub for dairy, but I prefer the flavor of rice milk for plain drinking, or cereal. I keep vegan margarine on hand for baking as well, and it works great in place of butter if you are 100% dairy free. Simply replace butter with margarine for the recipes below. If you are into baking, you might also know about subbing 1/2 applesauce for the butter called for in a recipe--it will yield the same results.

    Most of these will probably have to be homemade. I find it much easier to just cook/bake everything I eat, so I can control what's in it and avoid bad reactions:

    --Rice pudding made with almond milk and cinnamon (no raisins)
    --Tapioca pudding
    --Any kind of custard
    --Jello (homemade or store bought)
    --Vegan cake (I've made this one a million times and it's DELICIOUS--you wouldn't know it's vegan/dairy free:
    --Vanilla wafers
    --Soy/almond/coconut/rice milk ice cream (these are increasingly easier to find in local grocery stores, just make sure they don't contain nuts/fruit
    )--Applesauce or pearsauce, or canned pears or peaches
    --If you can tolerate bananas (I can if they're cooked), try homemade banana bread, bananas foster, or banana pudding
    --Hard candy
    --Tea with some sugar and soy milk
    --Decaf coffee/espresso blended with ice, soymilk, and chocolate syrup
    --Melon (you could add a simple syrup with fresh mint to fancy it up)
    --Granitas (I like lemon and strawberry--to make strawberry, I simply puree the berries and strain out all seeds/skin)
    --French toast
    --Baked apples with honey, a little butter, and cinnamon
    --Graham crackers (I like them dipped in pudding)
    --Rice Krispies Treats (make with margarine instead of butter)

    I think I can go on, but I'll stop there. If you like carbohydrate-laden desserts, you are in luck. With a little tweaking you can basically recreate anything you could eat before. I'll be on a low residue diet for life but I've learned to make it work, and normal healthy people request my baked goods constantly.

    1. Oh! Lol, I got so excited about desserts that I forgot about real food.

      You may find it easiest to try and use a basic formula for filling your lunch and dinner plates to ensure you get proper nutrition in each meal. For example, one part protein, one part carbs, one part veggies. I have the hardest time with the protein and veggies, since the options I have in those areas are so limited.

      I see many low residue diets allow most cooked veggies, aside from the especially fibrous ones (like corn, peas, broccoli), so just eat your favorite veggies from a can or boiled to death. I prefer to roast them to death though, since they're tastier. I rely on carrots for much of my veggie fill, since they are tasty and can be prepared in many different flavor profiles, and they are easy to digest when soft. Other veggies I can tolerate better are green beans, spinach, and zucchini.

      For proteins, you should focus on eggs and lean meats or fish. NO BEANS! I can eat some white meat turkey and very lean beef (like ground sirloin or a filet mignon/tenderloin). You can eat chicken and fish. Just make sure everything is well done and seasoned in a way that won't upset your GI tract.

      As for the carb part of the meal, that shouldn't be tough. You can basically choose from anything that isn't high in fiber/whole wheat: Potatoes (no skin), sweet potatoes or yams, white rice, pasta, bread...

      Can you eat lettuce? Some people can eat just plain iceberg. How about other veggies? Do you have a specific list?

      Here is a bunch of recipes that are supposedly low residue, though you'll have to sort through them and see what will work for you:

      Typically I fall back on sandwiches, homemade soups, pasta, stuffed potatoes, quesadillas, etc.

      Good luck.

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        Many thanks, nothingswrong. This is a one-shot deal for me - helping out a friend - but I'll pass the info along to her for the future.