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May 2, 2014 04:30 AM

Real deal Mexican Food

A poster in a thread disputed my claim that there are no Mexicans in Ontario, so I am wondering, where is the best Mexican food?

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  1. There are Mexicans in Ontario. They were brought to be farm workers in West Gwillumbury. One of them opened a restaurant, which is still the best Mexican restaurant in the area - La Mexicanada in Bradford.

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      Based on the 2011 census there are 69,695 Mexicans in Canada with Ontario having the largest concentration and almost all of them did NOT work on a farm in West Gwillumbury. Some are actually Doctors and Lawyers.

    2. I am a fan of 7 Lives in Kensington - though on a few occasions there was an excessive use of salt - besides that, solid fish/seafood tacos.

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        7 Lives is the go-to for one Mexican friend. The owner is an ex pat San Diegan of non-Mexican descent, and the food tends to be Baja/Tijuana-style but my friend says 7 Lives produces his favourite tacos anywhere, including any he's tried in Canada, Mexico and the States. In addition to the tacos, he also likes the pozole that 7 Lives makes on weekends.

        El Trompo, just a few steps from 7 Lives, is owned by people of Mexican descent who were raised in Mexico (that might matter to the OP, since the OP was under the impression no Mexicans lived in Ontario), and serves dishes you won't find at 7 Lives. I like the tacos al pastor.

        Here's a link to the lengthy Best Mexican Food in Toronto thread

        Here's an article in a Mexican newspaper about the Mexican food scene in Toronto: