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May 2, 2014 12:16 AM

Can only find curly noodles

I can remember a time when I could purchase a bag of flat noodles. Now every noodle on the shelf is curly. Also, when a bag said large noodles, they were LARGE (and I'm not talking about dumplings... just bigger noodles). Now it says large, but they look to be medium noodles to me.

I swear flat noodles taste different than curly ones. I prefer the flat. They would be slippery after cooking and you could suck them up like spaghetti (on steroids). I can't suck up these curly noodles.

Anybody else missing them?

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  1. I don't think I've ever seen flat egg noodles in stores. But apparently my local Walmart carries these: It looks like they carry a few varieties of flat noodles, but most have to be purchased in bulk.

    1. I just went looking for the classic flat big noodles yesterday to serve with a 'BB'.
      I agree they are no longer available at least around here.
      Remember the size of the elbow pasta in the Kraft Diner boxes years ago? Same thing. Now the box is half full of little 'knurdles' and the cheese is.....well, as my friend says: "Maybe-cheese".
      I wonder how many million more bucks Kraft made by down-sizing the elbow pasta a few millimetres?
      Some smart cookie at the pasta manufacturer concluded that by making the once flat noodles 'curly' the noodles would take up more room in the bag. He was right. You get what looks like a nice big fat bag of noodles when the actual amount of pasta is significantly less than before.

      1. The brands I remember having growing up were Pennsylvania Dutch and Mullers, neither of which I can find today. I don't remember them being flat, but I do remember that "wide" egg noodles were, indeed, wide. Now the ones called "wide" are much narrower.

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          Muller's used to carry a LOT of pasta's/egg noodles that they no longer make. Or at least distribute here.

          Being midwest based, I use essenhaus noodles.
          Most of my groceries and butchers stock them.

          I guess xtra-wide is the old wide size.

          I also use the essenhaus chicken and beef bases and they also rock.

          Gotta love good ole' Amish style food dedication.


        2. Wow, flat noodles look so unappealing to me. Matter of fact, I avoid them. Manischewitz makes flat ones ... their MEDIUM size noodles are flat.

          Manischewitz (M) noodles ...

          1. yes i do!

            i think the carbaphobic phase in our food history had some casualties!

            the frozen dumpling style noodles are my substitute. not the same slickness, but they'll do when the craving hits.

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            1. re: alkapal

              They have also made noodles packages 12oz instead of the former 16oz. The wide flat noodles have disappeared from all the stores near me. I buy these: