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May 1, 2014 11:46 PM

Poke Bar at Costco: SF, RWC, Concord, SJ Almaden weekends only

Just read on Cooking With Amy's blog that they will have a poke bar at Costco, SF Fri-Sun. $15.99-$17.99/lb! Other stores: RWC, Concord, SJ Almaden.

Her blog:

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  1. YES!!! Thanks for the heads-up. I enjoy the fresh ahi poke from Costco in Hawaii especially since you can sample the poke before buying. These prices seem on par with Honolulu's (Hawaii Kai) Coscto last time I checked.

    I think this calls for a trip to SF Costco this weekend...

    1. I saw this in RWC the last time I was there - curious to hear if anyone's tried it.

      ETA: just read Amy's blog - the spicy ahi poke sounds good.

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        I love ahi poke! I saw it a couple of months ago at the Redwood City location and purchased it. Unfortunately, I thought the texture was very strange. Mushy, even kind of soggy. No resistance to the tooth. Not fresh tasting. A month later, we saw it again. This time, we asked for a taste. Same thing - texture was weird. I don't know the reason - whether the problem is the fish, or it's been sitting for too long, or what. This was the regular flavor.

        Moral of the story - ask for a taste. Even though I haven't had a good experience, I would try it again, in the hope that one day, I'll find good poke at Costco.

        1. re: emily

          Well, I have tried all four with Spicy and Wasabi being my favorites.

          Also the shrimp poke are also good. at 10,99 a lb.

          Spoke to the Manager at the RWC store and was told that they sell the poke on Thursday thur Sunday.

        2. I've bought the ahi poki at danville/san ramon a couple of times. They were selling during the week.
          It was pretty good, tuna was fresh and it had real ogo and kikue nut.

          1. Yes, there was one at the SF Costco today.

            They've done away with the seafood bar, though.

            1. Went today and the bar wasn't there. A Costco employee told me that the cooler they were using was on the fritz so they only had pre-weighed poke to the left of the rotisserie chicken. Since poke was the purpose of my journey I took the risk and picked up a pound (most packages were of that size) of the wasabi ahi poke (my fave at Hawaii Costco). The wasabi was $17.99/lb, limu ahi was $16.99, and spicy ahi (with the mayo sauce) was $15.99. There was a cooked shrimp poke for $10.99.

              Overall quite good and it more than satisfied by the poke craving (stoked largely by the OP). I thought it could have used more kukui nuts, but the amount of wasabi oil resulted in the right level of punch.

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              1. re: oniontears

                I had a sample at the SF Costco a couple weeks ago. I think it was a shoyu tuna poke and there were two others that I did not try. I thought it was very bland.

                I get the poke at Yum Yum Fish fairly regularly - I would say their version is much better. It would be nice to find other places that sell it at a reasonable price.