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May 1, 2014 09:12 PM

Sorrento help please!!!

Hello all,

My husband and I will be in Sorrento for 2 nights en route to the Amalfi Coast. I've heard it's not a "foodie" town. I just want 1 casual dinner (pizza, wine bar) and 1 nice really good dinner. I've only found these places so far:
L'Antica trattoria
Il Buco.
Those look decent but I can't tell from the menus. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
Also a USA World Cup game will be on while we are there. Any places to watch it? Pubs maybe?
Many thanks!

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  1. I remember staying at the Magi House . There was a small pub on the opposite street where people would watch soccer on TV. I would look down out of the window of my room and see and hear the people. I have no recs for you other than to walk around in the early morning watching the town come alive. I will be back someday.

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      Thanks so much! I love being in Europe during the World Cup!

    2. If you are not adverse to taking a short bus (or taxi) ride, I would highly recommend the trattoria La Torre, in the Massa Lubrense area.

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        I'll check it out on the map and see how far. Thanks!

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          Thank you Erica for your wonderful recommendation! As the owner kept querying, tutto bene!

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            Did you go to La Torre? wed love to hear how it was!

        2. I think there have been a couple recent posts on Sorrento - do use the search upper right to find them.

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            I did that but couldn't find anything that helped. Or it was too old. I'll look again.

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              Here was one recent post, on Caruso

              You have to make sure the search is set to this Board otherwise, I agree you dont get much that is helpful.

              Here's a useful thread (bearing in mind the date) -

              There was also a recent recommendation for Inn Bufalito

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                Thanks so much! I'm new to CH posting although I've been using it for years now! I love all the help.

          2. Two years we had 2 very nice meals at Re Foods. The dishes were inventive (and very well done) or more traditional (but never red sauce), well priced, friendly service, etc. The wines were excellent also.


            The trilogy appetizer was a standout.

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                My fondest memories of trips to Sorrento, for a nice, elegant dinner were at Don Alfonso in Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi, about 10 km from Sorrento.


                A world-class location and a world-class dinner event. Make your reservations early!!

            1. If it's still there, Pizzeria di Franco is extremely good, cheap and a fun atmosphere. Followed by gelato at Davide.