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Canned Olive/Pickle/Pepper/Etc "Juice" Uses?

I'll drink the juices mentioned in the title when the jar is empty, or pour the olive juice in with a beer but, is there any "liquid gold" uses for them? (Besides reusing pickle juice for pickling, of course)

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  1. Olive "juice" is a classic in a dirty martini.

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      I was surprised it took this far in the thread for alcohol to come up. Add's that extra something in bloody mary mix.

    2. I have relieved leg cramps by drinking some pickle juice.

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        Yes, pickle juice is supposed to be great for cramp prevention. All of the Boston Marathon runners were given a small bottle of it this year along with their protein bars and water bottles, etc.

      2. Combine with leftover hot dog water for a refreshing cocktail.

        Just kidding. I love adding a splash to warm potatoes, then cooling them down and making into potato salad.

        I also like a little bit in the mix when I make a bloody mary.

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            i add sweet pickle juice to my potato salad dressing.

          2. The brine from a jar of pickled sweet peppers can be used, along with the peppers themselves, to do a classic Italian American dish: pork chops sauteed with garlic, strips of red, pickled peppers, and a little pepper juice at the end instead of wine or water to create a pan sauce. Brown the chops in olive il; remove. Add fresh oil to the skillet, plus a few garlic cloves, peeled and thickly sliced. Add sliced pickled peppers to heat, return the chops, add a little brine/juice. Cover and cook until chops are done. Reduce pan sauces a bit. Serve with a little chopped parsley, ground black or crushed hot red pepper. You could add green olives toward the end of cooking, too.

            1. I use a splash in dressing for cole slaw, my mom always added a bit to tuna salad as well.
              I use the liquid from marinated mushrooms or artichokes to make a vinegrette for salad dressings.

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                +1 for tuna salad or chicken salad.

                We're snowbirds who haven't figured out how to make the commute between homes a simple activity. Our car travels fully loaded. (Don't ask about the engine's poor pick-up and poor gas mileage from the extra weight.) The only category we've got under control is avoiding bringing local food specialties on the trip with one exception: Annalida's Cherry Pepper Relish. That goes north every spring. I haven't got a clue whether or not the company will do mail order.

                If you're ever in Sarasota, FL on a Saturday morning, head to the Farmer's Market on Lime Avenue. Search out the Annalida Gourmet Food stand. The folks selling the products are generous with tastes of their relishes, mustards, and sauces. Here's the URL for the company: http://www.annalidasgourmetfoods.com/...

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                  The bloody mary mix from Annalida's is fantastic. I live in Sarasota but never get to the farmers market. Now I will make it a point to go. Thanks for the heads up.

              2. I always put a splash of pickle juice into the yolks of deviled eggs when I make them.

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                  1. I often wonder just how many empty pickle jars people might be storing in their fridges :) Ours has at least 6, nearly empty, jars from various pickled items.

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                        My fridge looks just like yours!

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                          I have the 6 jars but I just keep putting other foods in them - shallots, carrots, asparagus, radishes whatever I have on hand!

                        2. Pickle juice makes a great whiskey chaser and an excellent hangover cure

                          I sometimes use as marinades or to add to braising liquids

                          1. I've added sour pickle juice to salad dressings and Tex-Mex fare.

                              1. you'll find pickle juice (rassol) in slavic soups. It is an excellent idea.

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                                  Any dish/sauce/soup that calls for vinegar.

                                  1. I save the brine from cans of Spanish green olives and use it to store canned beans for salads. The beans keep a whole lot longer, and have this great olive flavour.

                                    For black olive brine, which is quite different and basically tastes like salty water, I have not found any use for. I just throw it away.

                                    1. Yah, the same electrolyte-restoring properties mentioned upthread (combined with the stomach-settling effect of the vinegar) make pickle juice a pretty good hangover cure. Eastern Europeans have used it this way for ages.

                                      I find that I like a little juice from sweet & sour pickles in macaroni salad, as well as dill pickle juice in potato salad.

                                      And here's one trick I haven't seen anybody else do: you can use the brine from pickled pepperoncini or even pickled jalapeƱos instead of tomato sauce when you make pizza. It adds a nice tang and wonderful aroma, and even jalapeƱo juice doesn't add a whole lot of spiciness, just great flavor. Works especially well with a Sicilian style crust because it'll hold more juice, but this is worth trying even on a thin crust. I do this a couple of times a year for something different and special.

                                      1. I take a big chug when i have the hiccups. My bf taught me that trick when he got the hiccups drinking too much years ago.

                                        1. We use the brine from kalamata olives and the juice from hot cherry peppers to jazz up jarred pasta sauce. In fact, I use the hot cherry pepper juice in homemade salad dressings and marinades too.