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May 1, 2014 04:04 PM

PVD/RI * May '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Sorry I skipped April. Let's chart the changes!

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  1. Bistro 22 has finally opened in Garden City Center (Cranston) in the former Cafe Luna spot. Owned and operated by Carlo Slaughter - partner of d.carlo's in Smithfiled. In a recent interview, it was described as a 'French country bistro'.

    1. It looks like Tallulah's Taqueria is opening where United BBQ used to be on Ives St., on the East Side. I drove by and noticed signs in the windows.

      Also, a Mexican themed place has opened where Barstow was on Allens Ave.

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        I just heard about this, and for folks on the East Side tomorrow morning, Jake Rojas is doing a special joint cinco de mayo "brunch" at Farmstead to celebrate the new taco venture. It's booked for reservations, but they save spots for walk-ins. It'll probably be pretty great.

        In other news, I heard the North bakery is set to open in June. We ate at the restaurant last night and drove by the new bakery location on the way out. Freshly painted and looking almost ready for business. They're going to be serving soup and sandwiches and coffee from some producer in the mid-west who isn't available elsewhere in Providence (totally missed the name, but it sounded interesting.)

      2. Tallulah's are having a "soft opening" today (Monday).

        1. Anyone eaten at Rosalina's on Aborn Street downtown yet? I grew up in an Italian home and lived in Italy for a while, so I'm pretty demanding when it comes to both Italian-American and "Italian-Italian" food. I've really been hoping for a great and "different" Italian place in the city. They don't appear to have a menu online, but I'm so curious.

          It can be tough to decide whether to give a place time to work out the kinks or go early to support a new venture. I feel like we went to Rogue Island too soon, and as a result, we probably won't be back for a while (which makes me feel guilty when I hear on the board that they may be struggling.)

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            We ended up at Rosalina's last night after making the mistake of not leaving Providence on graduation weekend and being quoted a 1.5 hour wait at North.

            It's definitely not a typical red sauce Italian joint -there is a focus on locally sourced ingredients, the dishes are a bit more creative, and the portion sizes are manageable.

            The menu was heavy on pasta dishes, with several interesting salads and app options.

            We started with a sauteed shrimp appetizer that came with a rich tomato broth and garlicky crostini. The shrimp were well cooked and the broth was tasty. I had the Cioppino, again with a nice rich broth and well cooked seafood (though a rather boring 'giant' crostini). Others in our party had a riff on veal and peas, a baked gnocchi, and a grilled chicken breast. Everyone was happy with their food.

            We don't eat Italian out very often and I'm not sure Rosalina's will change that, but it's worth checking out.

            1. re: barfly

              Thanks for the informative report! I'm sure we'll get around to trying it one of these days.

          2. Also, the Cheese Plate in Warren closed. Too bad, the food was quite good, but they were usually woefully understaffed in the kitchen--meals reliably took well over 30 minutes to be served--and that's always trouble.