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May 1, 2014 03:33 PM

Chinese Food Reception - Where in SoFla?

Aside from Silver Pond is there anywhere in the Broward area or any alternatives where I can have a Chinese reception for about 100-120 guests? I thought about wedding halls and then having food delivered but mom says no. I am having a destination wedding and my mom is in charge of the separate Chinese "bie-jow", but we don't have a lot of options and mom is insisting she wants the location close by (Pembroke Pines) but with mediocre food. Oh well. Thanks in advance!

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  1. For that amount of people I would bet any Chinese restaurant would close their doors for the night. We threw a party at Silver Pond and honestly was just ok so don't feel bad.

    Call China Pavillion. They do dim sum so you'd have yummy appetizers for your cocktail hour.

    1. canton on 67th and palmetto 10 minutes away seats 200

      1. I would check out Pine Court Chinese Bistro in Sunrise, in the same plaza as the New York Mart. I've only been once but had a good meal there. It's big enough to accommodate though you may have to buy it out for the night.

        1. I think that you should try Uncle Tai's in Boca Raton. Very good food and pleasant atmosphere.