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May 1, 2014 03:30 PM

Semi-Private/Private Room in Dallas area for 30th Birthday Party

Hi ya'll! I'm looking for ideas for a semi-private/private room (or just flat out awesome location) for 15-20 people for a 30th birthday celebration. I've looked into Five Sixty at Reunion Tower, but they seem too expensive and "into themselves" because of the view? They have a $2500 food+drink minimum for a semi-private room with limited, planned menus. They also have a 10-person max reservation table.

I don't mind spending $100-$125/person (obviously wouldn't mind spending a little less) if the location and food/drink warrant the price. I'm not into paying $50+ per glass of wine, however. While I like upscale, I like a good value as well. The place can be casual to trendy to upscale.

I'm planning on Saturday, June 21st at about 8pm. HELP!

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  1. Did you try the rooftop at Urban Rio in Downtown Plano?
    I checked it out for a company event once before and loved it but the company budget wouldn't allow it.

    1. How about Tei-An? They have a private room that's the size you're looking for, prices are more reasonable (though 560 does serve their food in great quantity), and they have a fantastic roof as well where you could go after.

      1. Lark on the Park might work. They have a private room just to the side of the entrance.

        I think that Mansion has a private/semi-private room that would fit your group. (And anyway, a lot of their rooms are pretty). They have tasting menus, so you can easily control costs, and maybe they'll cut you a deal on wine/liquor.

        I would imagine that most of the high-end steak houses have private rooms, but those strike me as being just kind blah. (For example, I've been to functions at Cool River and Del Frisco's).

        I like the food at Bijoux, and I think that they have a private room. It might be on the pricey side though.

        City Café would probably accommodate you, but I'm not sure if you really want to have a 30th birthday party around a bunch of senior citizens. The food is solid, though unspectacular.

        Let us (or me) know what you end up choosing, as it's always handy to have this sort of information.