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May 1, 2014 03:25 PM

Good food and quiet atmosphere combination

We are meeting old friends from out of town for an early dinner on Saturday after touring the Theodore Roosevelt birthplace at 28 E. 20 St. near Park Av. South. Can someone suggest a restaurant? Thanks.

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  1. What type of cuisine?

    What's your budget, per person, before tax, tip, wine/drinks?

    How large is the party and when is the date of the dinner?

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    1. re: kathryn

      I would describe our budget as moderate but are willing to pay well to get fine cuisine. We will be just four people and are getting together early on a Saturday evening -pre theatre but need someplace around Park Av. South and East 20's. Any thoughts? Thanks..

      1. re: tahmore

        What type of cuisine?

        What's the max you're willing to pay? $40pp? $50pp?

        When is the date of the dinner?

        For example, Union Square Cafe is fairly close, fairly quiet, but books up well in advance.

        1. re: kathryn

          Maximum would be around 40.00pp and the date is soon-Saturday. May 3rd

          1. re: tahmore

            $40/person, unfortunately, is fairly inexpensive nowadays for almost any cuisine in Manhattan except for Chinese and Dominican. And that neighborhood isn't one of the cheapest.

            You didn't say what kind of cuisine you want. Anjappar in Curry Hill is very good, though not particularly quiet or relaxing in ambiance or service, and would be within your price range.

      1. Maybe u cd eat carefully at craftbar. Right location, quiet, good food.

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        1. re: JC2

          Thanks for this suggestion. I will check it out as of now our best contender is I Trulli. I've been to Puglia and loved the food there.

          1. re: tahmore

            I trulli is great- if you are there early enough the noise level will be managable. Great wine list too.

            1. re: Ttrockwood

              We have early reservations. Thanks.