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May 1, 2014 02:57 PM

Light dinner? and other advice

Hey all. Visiting from Charlotte for my wife's bday. Looking for a light dinner option before a show Saturday. SushiSamba would fit the bill but we have been there before..want to check if there is something else worth trying? Need it to be on strip, but anywhere on strip is fine. Small plates or sushi. Our other choices for the 2 days are (staying at Wynn):

Thurs late dinner Tacos El Gordo
Fri - Tableau breakfast, poolside during day, Boterro dinner
Sat - Border Grill brunch, ? before show, grab In-n-out on the way to airport

Any critique is welcome :) Also advice on shows..we both enjoyed Le Reve (few years ago) and Jersey Boys. She has seen O and I haven't so we were considering that this time. Is Absynthe worth thinking about? We did not enjoy Ka or Mystere much.

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  1. Have you spent time on the Wynn website?.....Le Cave is superb for tapas....beautiful venue overlooking the gardens.
    As for a show....why not take a break from a production and see Terry Fator....still very good after all these years.

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      Yes La Cave was a fall back. We have been there. Wondering if there is anything new out there we must try though. One change I came up with is dropping Boterro and the steak dinner, made a reservation at Andreas. Their menu sounds perfect for my wife, more of a sushi/miso black cod person.

      Any other input on shows? I enjoy Terry Fator my wife not so much.