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2 days in LA for fish and tacos

I've got this Sunday and Monday in LA. I've never been, and I'm trying to fill both days with amazing things I can't get at home in NYC. My interests run heavily to shellfish, and the Asian and Latin American foods that aren't up to snuff in the frigid East.

Where should I go? Anyone want to come along?

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  1. Check out Ricky's Fish Tacos in East Hollywood. Open Wed-Sun Lunch only. The best in LA.

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    1. re: wienermobile

      Will do - that'll have to be Sunday Lunch then. The schedule begins....

        1. re: estarriolvetch

          Always check his Twitter account first. Sometimes Ricky moves the location. Check first.

        2. re: wienermobile

          I did RFT and TBFTIE today. I think RFT wins pretty much hands down. Better batter crisp on the fish and the shrimp, crisper cabbage, etc. The TBFTIE fish had really great flavor, though, and the range of salsas was great.

          I wasn't there during a super high demand time for TBFTIE, so I could easily believe that during a rush the frier turns out better stuff.

          1. re: estarriolvetch

            Thanks for reporting back. RFT is definitely tops in my book. Closest to the fish tacos I had in Ensenada.

            1. re: estarriolvetch

              RFT has been on my bucket list for close to 2 years, and I finally checked it out Saturday afternoon. It was mid-afternoon, so no appreciable line. I had fish and shrimp combo. Liked it very much. A great bargain - huge pile of nicely fried fish and plump shrimp for $4.00. But, since I live on the far west side, Tacos Puntas Cabras is still going to be my go-to place based on geography. Saturday was actually a double bucket-list day, because after my RFT stop, I headed over to Connie & Ted's for a chowdah sampler, lobster roll and Indian pudding. Of the chowders, I preferred the New England, with the Rhode Island second. The NE was just how I like it: no thickener, and plenty buttery (like Swan Oyster Depot in SF - my fave). The lobster roll was good, but overly expensive at $26 (website still says $24), and not as good as the $18 version I just had at Brentwood Café (which also has spectacular fries). The Indian pudding was awesome - hadn't had it since undergrad days in Boston, when I'd get it at Durgin Park when my parents or big bro' visited and took me out to dinner. Easy to get in C&Ts at 3:30 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon. And a nice place to watch the KY Derby.

              1. re: Wayno

                I physically couldn't find tacos puntas cabras at the address google thinks it's at. Where is it? I want to update my starred places in maps for next time....

                1. re: estarriolvetch

                  On the North Side of Santa Monica BLVD
                  1/2 block East of 23rd St. Between a dreary Thai place (Pot's and Pans) and a far drearier vacuum cleaner repair shop.
                  It's tough to spot.

                  1. re: Ciao Bob

                    in that case it was closed when I walked right by it four times. That bothers me less. :-)

                    1. re: estarriolvetch

                      What time was that? They seem to be open continuously from 11 till early evening. Some Mondays they close earlier to prep for special pre-paid dinner called Supper Liberation Front but I do not believe that has occurred for a while.

                    2. re: Ciao Bob

                      The vacuum guy, though, does great and cost-effective repairs. =)

                      To the OP, the patio for the Thai place and TPC is essentially continuous. TPC is on the left (if you're facing the patio).

                2. re: estarriolvetch

                  Now with photos! outdoors=RFT, indoors=BFTIE

              2. So I just found out that all last month the LA chowhounds were posting all the shellfish they ate...... I am so lucky. Thank you all for you research! http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9709...

                  1. Where are you staying?

                    I haven't been to many of the favorites. Do you want to wander to a few of the inexpensive joints or looking for proper meals?

                    Your only previous Chowhound post was six years ago asking for help in DC. You got a few replies and said you'd report...

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                    1. re: nosh

                      I'm going to be based in Glendale, but with car.

                      I'm looking mostly for inexpensive stuff, but I might manage a higher end meal.

                      I did totally blow that play, and I'm quite the lurker when I need info on a new town I'm going to. Nowadays I've got a smartphone and a data plan, and I want to do better this time around. As poor-community-member-recompense all I can offer to start with is a bunch of my cocktail recipes: http://kevinclarkcomposer.com/categor...

                      1. re: estarriolvetch

                        A guilty pleasure of mine is The Hat in Pasadena on Lake St. Giant pastrami sandwiches and chili pastrami cheese fries that will feed a family of four. If you need a to be in a fast food coma this is the place. Very inexpensive.

                        Now if you want the best pastrami on earth, Langer's Deli near Downtown LA. You'll pay around $16 for a sandwich but it may be the best $16 you've ever spend. Open till 4pm Closed Sundays.

                        1. re: wienermobile

                          To be clear, the pastrami sandwich at Langer's is currently $13.50, but with tax and tip it will be over $16.

                          Also, know that the sandwich is not quite as special if you don't get it on rye. The rye is prepared in a special way that sends it over the top. Add Guldens (not French's) & enjoy.

                          If you go, try to avoid the siren song of the #19, which they pimp at every. Single. Opportunity. Globs of all manner of unholy milchig treif, sugar, and mayonnaise-based dressings mounded upon the holiest of holy beef preparations. To add insult to injury, they'll charge you extra for it. My advice is to avoid at all costs, and allow the magnificence of the pastrami to shine all on its own.

                          Last tip is if your pastrami arrives dry, send it back and tell them to give you a moister cut. It's rare that it happens, but it sometimes does. The two times that it happened to me, my sandwich was replaced quickly and cheerfully.

                          Mr Taster

                          1. re: Mr Taster

                            As a counterpoint: if your not tied down to preposterous notions of tradition, the #19 is delicious.

                            Had to do it T ;)

                            1. re: ns1

                              Or Swiss and horseradish and cold kraut on side

                              1. re: jessejames

                                If I go for pastrami I may just have to have two sandwiches....... and like three other people.

                                1. re: estarriolvetch

                                  Try side corned beef hash and eggs or fries

                                  1. re: estarriolvetch

                                    Their crinkle-cut fries are a great accompaniment to the sandwich. Not expressly traditional, but delicious.

                                    Mr Taster

                                    1. re: Mr Taster

                                      Very pleased that we can agree on something....woof woof! harpoons for straggler pieces of pastrami

                                      1. re: Mr Taster

                                        Fries at Langer's ordered well done.

                            2. re: estarriolvetch

                              If you're in Glendale, it's pretty damned hard to beat Elena's Greek-Armenian. Ignore those who recommend Raffi's, as it's about 2x the price and the quality is not as good (dry chicken kebabs are an unforgivable sin). It is a nicer environment, though-- so if you want a pretty courtyard with fountains to distract you from how difficult it is to get down that leathery chicken breast, go for it.

                              I've never, ever had a piece of overcooked meat at Elena's, and the prices are incredibly reasonable. The lamb chops are particularly magnificent (the grill they use imparts a lovely, fragrant char), and the have no problem subbing the rice for tabbouleh, if you're so inclined. (It's great if you go with someone else who orders the rice, so you can go half and half). Expect $7-10 a plate, which includes lentil soup and salad, hard pita from a plastic bag, one (tiny) cup of garlic sauce, and all the pickled veg you can eat.

                              As for fish tacos, my (only) experience at Ricky's was that it was distinctly un-crunchy, and lacking flavor. For reference, the best fish tacos I've ever had was El Fenix in Ensenada, and the fried batter was bulletproof; it stood up to layers of salsa and crema over several minutes.

                              I recall the shrimp tacos at Ricky's being better, but certainly not worth hanging out in 40 minute queue with throngs of 20 year olds in googly grandma glasses and their mustachioed hipster companions.

                              My experience at Best Fish Taco in Ensenada (on Larchmont) has been consistently good. Short lines, low prices, consistently crunchy and flavorful. Still plenty of hipster customers, but at least I didn't have to wait in line with them for 40 minutes, being forced to listen to their attempts to out-cool one another.

                              Mr Taster

                              1. re: Mr Taster

                                hard to ignore that amazing pinwheel cut filet mignon kebab from raffi's.

                                1. re: jessejames

                                  I'll defer to your judgment on that, as I've never ordered it. I couldn't bring myself to go back (and risk paying those high prices again) after that initial experience, particularly when Elena's is a known quantity so nearby.

                                  Mr Taster

                                2. re: Mr Taster

                                  damn Mr T we just can't agree today can we?

                                  I was a BFTiE regular until RFT came along. Went to RFT twice in the past month, in/out in less than an hour including parking. 10 minutes from the time I got in line until the time I got food.

                                  Their operations have changed A LOT since Mr T has last been there.

                                  1. re: ns1

                                    Alright ns1, maybe it's time I gave Ricky another shot. But if the tacos aren't crunchy and the lines are long, your CH cred is going to drop a few notches!

                                    Mr Taster

                                      1. re: ns1

                                        Can't get to RFT today but now - for sure - I am going to Tacos Puntas Cabras for lunch.

                                        1. re: Ciao Bob

                                          I'm seriously jelly, love TPC but don't get out that way very often.

                                        2. re: ns1

                                          I'd be pissed right about now if I wasn't heading there in 20 minutes. ;>)

                                      2. re: ns1

                                        +1. Last few times even when lines have been not short, still got our tacos relatively quick and piping hot. They actually seem to be working faster since getting their truck.

                                3. For shellfish, I've been dying to try El Coraloense based on TonyC's rec. http://sinosoul.com/2013/03/el-coralo...

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                                  1. re: TheOffalo

                                    oh wow - that looks incredible. If you wanted to make a trap for me, that's what you'd use as bait.

                                    They're closed on Monday, but they're open Sunday 12-6. My plans are taking shape....

                                    1. re: estarriolvetch

                                      You really should try to get over to CaCao Mexicatessen http://cacaodeli.com/ in Eagle Rock. You'll be close by (maybe 3 miles or so). Great shrimp and fish tacos, but many, many other interesting and delicious Mexican food choices to sample if you want to branch out a little.

                                      1. re: Servorg

                                        that is super close and looks great.

                                        1. re: Servorg

                                          cacao is great. i'd also recommend mexicali which isn't too far from glendale. if you can get to east la, mariscos jalisco for their shrimp dorado tacos. while in east la, might as well stop by los cinco puntos.

                                          1. re: cdub

                                            But, if you are going to mariscos jalisco, shouldn't you also go to Guisado's nearby, for one of their shrimp tacos on a fresh masa tortilla, just to compare?

                                            1. re: happybaker

                                              i also like guisado's too. just forgot. good call.

                                              1. re: cdub

                                                when a buddy from Dallas visited me, we hit up RFT and then went to Guisados right after for a sampler plate and horchata.

                                                AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.

                                                For the maximum LA experience, on our way back we bought a coconut + mangos/chili/lemon from a vendor who was walking down alvarado hawking them.

                                                note: guisados (echo park) parking is TERRIBLE.

                                        2. re: estarriolvetch

                                          there are now 2 El Coraloense's and the newer one - in Downey - has expanded service hours compared to the orignal. I am told the food is the same. I ate at the Mother/Father ship and loved it.

                                          1. re: Ciao Bob

                                            Yelp thinks that location's closed, but if it is it must have happened super recently - the last review is from 4/11

                                            1. re: estarriolvetch

                                              just called, they are open
                                              maybe you looked at yelp before they opened FOR THE DAY I think it changes daily

                                              1. re: Ciao Bob

                                                Huh, I hadn't thought of that. I think the notice on the yelp page is the one for "this restaurant is no longer there"... maybe I can submit a correction after taking all of their food away.

                                                1. re: estarriolvetch

                                                  Just called - they're open tomorrow from 7 AM to 10 PM. Wow.

                                        1. re: mc michael

                                          Their cubans are great!

                                          But you know, they have a grilled vegetable sandwich (gasp!) that is also awesome. And then you can accidentally load up on pastries to eat in your hotel room, with coffee, the next am : )

                                          I recommend the cheese rolls...!

                                          1. re: mc michael

                                            I would strongly recommend ordering a couple of Porto's potato balls to go along with the Cuban sandwich.

                                            1. re: mc michael

                                              Not to be a naysayer cause I love Portos but would you recommend a Cuban sandwich when the OP is from NYC? I don't think I had many when I was in NY but Cuban feels like a just as good in New York kind of thing.

                                              1. re: Discokill

                                                Depending on when the OP is leaving, they could swing by Porto's and get a "snack box" to go ... some potato balls, the little meat pies, and guava pastries. All enjoyable to nosh on on a plane, and not too smelly as to bother other passengers.

                                                1. re: ElsieDee

                                                  @elsiedee that's brilliant. My hotel is like four blocks from there and I will do that.

                                                  1. re: estarriolvetch

                                                    If you are staying near Porto's in Glendale you are also by Carousel, a terrific middle eastern place

                                                  2. re: ElsieDee

                                                    good point...is there anything worse than a tuna sandwich getting unwrapped next to you on plane!?

                                                    1. re: jessejames

                                                      I am biting my tongue so hard it's bleeding to keep from adding on to that thought...(and to avoid being branded an even bigger male pig than I'm sure I already am).

                                                    2. re: ElsieDee

                                                      i love porto's, but I'm not a fan of cold potato balls, meat pies, or pastries.

                                                      eat them when they're fresh or when you can reheat them, IMO

                                                      1. re: ns1

                                                        Their feta, basil and tomato sandwich travels very well and is not stinky at all.

                                                2. Another LA treat is Park's BBQ in Koreatown. Some of the best meats in town grilled at your table. Don't miss the Gal-Bi (Prime Beef Short Rib) Great Food and service.

                                                  1. There are plenty of restaurants which serve shellfish, but generally LA is not a "fish town." Many people are surprised by that since the city is so associated with the ocean and beaches. But this part of the Pacific coast does not have much of an offshore fishery.

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                                                    1. re: EarlyBird

                                                      But you could go to one of the Hungry Cats for a fix.

                                                    2. @OP

                                                      How's the asian shellfish look in your neck of the woods?

                                                      you could always go to sea harbour and get a bunch of live spot prawns for an amuse bouche, then head on over to newport seafood for some house special lobster. maybe wrap it up with some typhoon crab @ seafood village?

                                                      boiling crab is also a good fun option, but only during non-peak times.

                                                      1. Really far from you but Coni Seafood would be a superb choice. Maybe go there straight from the airport!

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                                                        1. re: set0312

                                                          From the airport you can also hit up Harold and Belle's on your way east, a Creole institution with killer clam chowder and fried oysters. Cacao is awesome and even has smoked fish tacos. They specialize in Baja style food. In Highland Park Metro Balderas is cheap and has a very good fish taco and overall excellent Mexico City style food for cheap. If you have never had a real authentic quesadilla on a handmade tortilla you have got to get one there. I loved the seafood at Mo-Chica downtown for a splurge-Peruvian and great cocktails.

                                                          1. re: set0312

                                                            Also La Serenata de Garibaldi in Boyle Heights is a Mexican seafood institution

                                                            1. re: set0312

                                                              And sorry I should also mention Jitlada! Best Thai and a seafood heavy menu. Love the mussels in lemongrass as amazing shrimp (really langoustines I think) in green curry. Finally, Hunan Mao in Rosemead -- get the house special fish head! Super tender fish ina delicious chili broth

                                                              1. re: set0312

                                                                I just did Coni Seafood on the way in from the airport. I didn't have time to wait for the snook that that place is apparently famous for, so I just got the chips and salsa (wonderfully fiery, thin, green salsa. Serrano heaven), a big bowl of ceviche, and a plate of shrimp with garlic mojo. The shrimp were fantastic, head on, very juicy. The greasy warm red garlic sauce (I say greasy, this is oil with a bunch of garlic and awesome mixed in) was great.

                                                                The ceviche was not so great. It might just be a style I'm not used to, but to start with the portion was like a quart of ceviche. I'm used to like 1 cup servings, with frankly just as much lime juice. I was hoping for a rush of sour and protein to get me ready for sleep deprived freeway time, and it was really mildly flavored. The shrimp in that dish were very meh. The Octopus was okay, the crab was crab stick (why do people do that? I mean, no one's going to mistake it for crab), and there were like three oysters in the whole massive portion.

                                                                @clintonhillbilly, maybe I'll try Harold and Belle's on my way back, though I will be coming through at like 10 AM....

                                                                An Angeleno friend of mine recommended Mo-Chica, too.

                                                              2. For an enjoyable and speedy lunch at a really good price point, try Fish Grill. It features fish, but no shellfish cause it's kosher. Don't worry if you are not a fan of jewish cooking, THIS place has delicious fish tacos
                                                                There is one at 7226 Beverly Blvd, 3 blks west of La Brea. Sure, I'll join you!

                                                                1. Neptune's Net north of Malibu

                                                                  1. Okay, I'm at the airport post-gluttonfest 2014. I am SUPER grateful, and will post piles of photos either from home, or if my plane gets even more delayed.

                                                                    The most important thing I have to say is HOLY SHIT EL CORALOENSE. Incredible. They're open 12-5 on Mondays, which the sign doesn't say. I swung by just in case, and got the best giant pile of lime juice, chiles, and fish that I could possibly have dreamed up. So incredible.

                                                                    The other location..... well they tried to steal the business. They kept the other building, they're called El Caliviche now, and they tried to steal some recipes. They're.... okay. They're not 1/10th of the restaurant El Coraloense is.

                                                                    And the mothership decided not to sue, even after getting hundreds of thousands in receipts taken by their former partners. It would just get dragged out...

                                                                    So. They're amazing, open on Mondays, and could use the boost to business. I'd be back there every week if I lived here, but I don't, so if you even kinda like ceviche (or shrimp tacos el diablo), go. go quickly and often.

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                                                                    1. re: estarriolvetch

                                                                      Thanks for reporting back - to be clear - you went to Bell Gardens El Coraloense C O Leonardo’s Ceviche Co, correct?
                                                                      6600 Florence Ave
                                                                      Bell Gardens, CA 90201

                                                                      I was under the TonyC-given impression the Downey "branch" was their children opening their own spot, flown from the nest with the parents' Blessipes (ya' know blessing and recipes).
                                                                      Sound like not.

                                                                      1. re: Ciao Bob

                                                                        Yup - that's the right place. And the second location in Downey was originally collaborative (I don't know with whom they were collaborating. It seemed like a private and painful matter and I didn't want to pry), and then went way, way, way south.

                                                                        The owner also recommended El Coyote in San Diego for Cal-Mex food. In his words, inauthentic, but SOOOO goood.

                                                                    2. ok - proper reports. Coni Seafood. terrible parking. Great spicy salsa verde with the tostadas on the table. shockingly bland ceviche in ridiculous portions. shrimp mojo de ajo was pretty damn good, especially with the headsucking.

                                                                      park around the block. Apparently the specialty is a giant grilled fish that takes half an hour I didn't have, so I can't judge the restaurant properly.

                                                                      1. I went to Tacos La Estrella for fish, carnitas, and lengua tacos, but forgot to take pictures because I was hungry. Lengua and carnitas were acceptable but not better than what I get at a good taco truck in NYC.

                                                                        Fish was good. A totally respectable example of the genre. RFT was twice as good, though.

                                                                        1. huarache with huitlacoche at huarache azteca was pretty good. It really needed the chili oil and what looked like dried mexican oregano that were available on the side table. I'd have ordered more but I'd just come from a three taco breakfast.

                                                                          1. Next up is El Caliviche, who are in reality the dastardly dicks who stole a restaurant and some recipes from El Coraloense. They did not get enough information to do the job right. Nowhere close. Their menu is small and limited, but there's some stuff on there that's okay. I post this only for the record, since I am never setting foot in there again, and I don't recommend you do either.

                                                                            They had a warm, thin, red salsa with the tostadas to start. It was pretty good. Maybe it had shrimp or lobster stock in it?

                                                                            Fish taco had a very light breading, but was too overstuffed to even pretend to be able to pick it up. It was... well, it was a fish taco. That's about what I can say for it.

                                                                            When I ordered the oysters, I didn't know there would be a dozen of them, or that they'd be piled high with more pure protein. Eating all of them was fun, but was the biggest mistake of my day. I didn't think El Coraloense was open. The oysters themselves were tasty, and the shrimp/octopus/avocado topping was, in fact, a really good idea. The salsa itself wasn't right, though. A bit too salty, a bit too tabascoy.... it didn't tie the topping together with the oyster.

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                                                                            1. re: estarriolvetch

                                                                              Estar, I just read this thread and appreciated the recs and your trip report with pictures. Hope you had a fun and satisfying visit out here.

                                                                              1. re: granadafan

                                                                                I had a blast - I still need to do a few more restaurants... i just had to commute...

                                                                            2. Okay. The Good Stuff. El Coraloense.

                                                                              First up, three ceviches (recommended by the waitress when I threw myself on her mercy), on mini-tostadas. Left to right: Changoneada, Zombie, Mango.

                                                                              The first had peanuts and some candied something going on, on top of the base of cold cooked shrimp and lime. The white is crema and the pink is a mild but pepper-based (I think) aioli. The sweet and crunchy in with the salt and sour was very much a 'change' and totally awesome.

                                                                              The Zombie in the middle was based on some white fish (probably not that important which species), had crema, salsa verde, and pickled onions. It was my favorite; the fish flavor really came through, the balance was perfect, and I wish I had better Jonathan Gold-like adjectives to describe how good this ceviche is.

                                                                              The Mango was also pretty damn good. The flavors contrasted more than blended (since they were so contrasting), and were all clear and well balanced. I regret being so full that I couldn't eat all of all of these. They were awesome.

                                                                              Next: tacos!

                                                                              Taco Revolcado is basically a swordfish taco al pastor, as the owner explained it. I've honestly never tasted anything like it. It wasn't the greatest thing I've ever tasted, but it was fascinating, and delicious. The edges of the meat fell apart in my mouth like slow-cooked meat, but the center had some tooth to it. The seasoning didn't conceal the fish flavor at all, and apparently it won some recent taco award? It's delicious.

                                                                              Taco camaron al diablo. Well, what is there to say. Cheese, spicy ass sauce, breaded shrimp, cabbage, crema, etc. - the epitome of the form. The melted cheese on the base of the tortilla is an inspriation. If I hadn't filled up earlier I'd have eaten three of these. It may not be the most creative thing on the menu, but it's awesome.

                                                                              So the rompe catres. It's... it's perfect. They didn't have any octopus, so I had it with extra abulon, which was fine. Serranos, lime, all the fish, avocado, everything. It's so good. The fresh green chile and the lime are great together. The fish is awesome in said sauce. Frankly, I'd eat a shoe in that sauce, but the avocado and cilantro chiffonade on top are pretty great from where I'm standing.

                                                                              Lastly, the chopped clams. This is the dish I'm going to be copying at home. The other review linked below said blood clams. These were littlenecks, which I'm familiar with from the East as a size of quahog clam, otherwise known as my personal favorite food anywhere. I shuck these things at work for lunch after buying them from the fishmonger across the road. In this preparation they were, well, frankly they were the recipe that El Caliviche tried to steal and improve, and they failed. The clams pair much better with the red hot sauce, and the vinegar in the sauce helps soften the clams a little, even after chopping. The avocado on top is great to round things out. It's one of my favorite bites of anything anywhere. They usually only sell them by the dozen or half dozen, and I only got three because I was ordering an obscene amount of food for three PM on a Monday, and I was very nice.

                                                                              If I ever fly to Hawaii or Australia, I'm going to insist on a layover long enough to drive from the airport to El Coraloense, make myself sick, and get back again.

                                                                              I may even, as Calvin Trillin said about New Orleans, find it my business to find business in Los Angeles.

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                                                                              1. re: estarriolvetch

                                                                                I had a Swordfish Belly taco from the Guerrilla Taco Truck today. They should be on your radar. They set up in the Artist District in DTLA.

                                                                                1. re: JAB

                                                                                  Does guerilla taco truck have anything resembling an address? I'd like to put them on my map if I can, but if they move around I'll just have to remember for next time.

                                                                              2. Mariscos Jalisco, I was full. I had a shrimp taco. I'd never had such a thing, fried with the taco already assembled. It was pretty damn good.

                                                                                After that I got an aguachile to go from Mariscos 4 Vientos, which I ate like 5 hours later. It was great, the shrimp was a little tough, which was, in fact, my own damn fault. Next time, I'll take the time (and the stomach space) to do a proper side by side.

                                                                                That's it folks - thank you all for your killer help with my search. I hope you benefit a bit from my experiences.

                                                                                As a final clue for those of you who read this far into my achingly detailed account, I met a Ruby on Rails developer from LA and he said that La Playita at 3306 Lincoln Blvd (right on the border with Venice) was also a super great place for mariscos.

                                                                                Rock on,

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                                                                                1. re: estarriolvetch

                                                                                  you sir are a saint for this report. unfortunately, you ordered completely wrong at Coni so do give them a shot next time.

                                                                                  Aguachile, smoked marlin tacos, and the snook. Then you'll be living.

                                                                                  But seriously, thanks for the detailed report. Looks like El Coraloense is doing some pretty remarkable things. You've inspired me to check it out soon!

                                                                                  1. re: set0312

                                                                                    I didn't know about the aguachile or the marlin tacos at Coni - thanks for the tip! I did know about the snook, but it would have taken thirty minutes I didn't have. Next time....

                                                                                    1. re: set0312

                                                                                      +1. Thanks OP for continuing to report back even a week later.