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May 1, 2014 01:59 PM

Best lump charcoal?

I'm gonna buy myself a charcoal bbq today and decided I want to try using lump (natural) charcoal. It's been many years since I've cooked with charcoal, and I've never used lump before, only briquettes. Does anyone have a brand in particular that's available downtown that they would recommend? How much is it?

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  1. I buy my lump from Joey's Services out in the west island. Big bags of it.

    If you're downtown check out any Adonis middle-east grocery story, or Akhavan.

    Also, buy yourself a chimney starter, you'll be forever grateful!

    Welcome to real bbq, not the froofroo propane stuff people pretend is bbq.

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    1. re: Zalbar

      +1 on the chimney starter. Please do not use lighter fluid!

    2. Costco sells this brand...not sure the price, but it's probably a decent deal.

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      1. re: JedZ

        My brother has one of those egg thingies and he loves the Basques charcoal. They run out quickly (at the Marché Central one at least) however, grab it when you see it. Quebec company too.

      2. Yah, the Basques stuff is very good. Anyone know where I can get it for a good price? Last summer I was paying $8 sometimes $7 at IGA for the 8 lb bag (white bag with the red flame). It adds up. The one JedZ posted is also Basques no idea if there's a difference with the red bag. The only other lump I tried was Royal Oak in the blue bag and I found it burned away too quickly and got very ashy. As mentioned definitely get a chimney starter.

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        1. re: JerkPork

          Think it was around $12 for an 8kg bag at Costco.

        2. BTW, I hope you bought a Weber Kettle!!!

          1. Homemade.

            Get a free 55 gallon steel barrel and some free hardwood and make your own free natural charcoal:

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            1. re: Muddirtt

              That would be in interesting experience to do on my urban balcony!!!

              I will let you know how the firemen love the idea!!


              1. re: Maximilien

                LoL. True. Perhaps you have friends or family that have private property to do it though?

                FYI, I was at Walmart today and saw some all natural lump charcoal for $12 for a decent size bag (in Iowa). I forget the brand name. I wonder how well it burns. Was in the garden section by the grills. Nice price, it seems.

              2. re: Muddirtt

                The one thread where I would never have expected a "make it yourself" comment.

                Never underestimate the Chowhound community.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  Lol!!!!! Forget about the fire dept you'll have a lynch mob from the whole neighbourhood after you.

                  A couple of weeks ago on SRC's La Semaine Vert they did a segment on some "artisanal" lump charcoal guys and trust me it gets nasty.