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May 1, 2014 12:41 PM

Grocery Near Palmer House Hilton?

Afternoon Everyone,

Would any of you folk happen to know of a decent grocery near the Palmer House Hilton on E. Monroe? Anything that would have some quality fresh fruit, muffins, etc. would be excellent.

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. There's a Mariano's Fresh Market at 333 E. Benton Place, about 1/2 mile from the hotel.

    1. If you're just looking for fruit, muffins, etc, there's a Corner Bakery right next door to the hotel on the Monroe Street side. There are also numerous convenience stores within a block or two.

      1. Target -- State and Monroe
        CVS -- Wabash and Adams
        Flagship Walgreens -- State and Randolph

        1. The Loop is not a good grocery area. Lower level of Macy's State Street store has a deli counter with salads etc and a small bakery counter. You could walk 20 minutes south along State Street to Roosevelt then turn left one block and there is a Trader Joe's at Roosevelt and Wabash. Variously, hop on the Red Line subway, direction Dan Ryan 95th, and go a couple of stops to Roosevelt. Walk through the station as if going to the Orange Line and right where you'd go up the stairs to the Orange Line tracks there is an exit to the street which will put you across Wabash from TJ.

          Also, Target (State and Madison) has a small grocery department on the second floor. Nothing fancy, but they'd have some fruit.