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May 1, 2014 12:01 PM

Best Thai Restaurant in Hollywood

Taking some friends out for Thai in Hollywood next month. Looking for the perfect meal, starting with soup, appetizer & a few entrees. Narrowed it down between:

-Pa Ord Noodle
-Sapp Coffee Shop
-Yai Restaurant

Above are the 3 I would love some feedback on for the spot we should choose?

We've already dined in the past at RCA, Jitlada, & Original Hoy Ka

Want to try a different spot.

Thank you

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  1. I like Yai the best. They spend more making their food. Bigger, plumper shrimp. Order the Hoy See Mein with shrimp (crispy noodle with gravy). Their crab fried rice is also amazing.

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    1. re: Galen

      Yai's is good for their roasted pork which is probably the best restaurant version you'll find in Los Angeles.

      Get it either over rice with gravy or stir fried with vegetables.

      I haven't been to Lacha Somtum but that may be an up and coming best thai restaurant for me based on pictures and menu alone.

    2. Palms Thai tasty plus thai elvis.
      food is way better than you'd w mango and cashews and hot peppers my fav

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        For what it is worth, my Thai friends (from Thailand who own a Thai spot somewhere out in the valley) think Palms is very very good.

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          It's good. I like the "phad see ew" noodles - they do a pretty authentic version.

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            Ya they have such an extensive range of dishes that they also have the ingredients to do off the menu items.

            Might help to be Thai for that though

        2. Had a super crispy oyster omelette at Darabar. Thanks to TonyC for the rec. Papaya salad with black crab was deeply, profoundly funky, so proceed with caution.

          Mr Taster

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            OK guys, you need to stop blowing past this recommendation with the litany of Chowhound Thai Town regulars.

            Seriously, this a good one. Go already.

            Mr Taster

          2. I'm a big fan of Pa Ord, but it's all about the noodles there. It sounds like you don't want just noodles.

            For a more comprehensive menu, Yai is an excellent choice IF we're talking about the Yai on Hollywood near the freeway, not the one on Vermont near Kaiser (which isn't bad, but would not be my first choice).

            I've been reading positive things about Sapp for years, but have yet to make it over there.

            1. Sapp is fine for Boat Noodles and Pa Ord is also good for it's noodle dishes. However, if your looking for more, then Yai is the answer. Their duck with chile and garlic is phenomal!