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Classy, secluded bunch for Wife's 40th bday?

My wife is turning 40, I need to do something special.

I want to get 10 couple friends of ours together, it'll most likely have to be with their kids.

Somewhere classy for brunch that makes her feel special.

A space where we could get a portion of a patio/outdoor section set aside, for about 20-30 people, where I can make a custom menu with her name on it, and put some of her favorite flowers on the table as well.

Looking at the Hollywood/Silver Lake area as we can't have families traveling too far with their kids. Maybe downtown, but that's less preferred as it makes it tougher for the westsiders.

Delicious food, classy, special, memorable... anyone have suggestions for me? I'm pulling blanks. The idea that we could get a space that's a little secluded is a major plus here.

Thank you

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  1. 4 seasons will do it up with a private room and adjoining private grassy courtyard area...eat in or out...

    1. Definately Sunset Marquis and take the kids on a tour of the studio so they can start making the big bucks ASAP and get what's magic about the music biz! I think a private patio garden is no prob as well as custom menu. About $40/pp.

      1. Saddle Peak Lodge. Brunch Sunday only. Beautiful canyon setting with great food.

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          +1 for Saddle Peak Lodge, but it doesn't comport with the OP's geographical criteria. Too bad, though, because it would be perfect.

        2. Cliff's Edge in Silverlake has a lovely patio, and a great brunch. I have celebrated NYE on the patio with about 15 friends, and we were seated a bit apart from everyone, and it really felt like our own little party.

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            Second Cliff's Edge. Considering every other suggestion was nowhere near Silver Lake it should win by a mile.

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              Another vote for Cliff's Edge. I was also there with a group of 12 and are table felt very private--easy to feel secluded on that lovely patio.

              Also, if downtown is close enough, then Cafe Pinot has a pretty patio with view of the library; I've had some nice celebratory lunches there. Also recommend private room @ Drago Centro.

          2. Beverly Hills Hotel, or Saddle Peak Lodge.

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              "Looking at the Hollywood/Silver Lake area as we can't have families traveling too far with their kids..."

            2. Littlefork in Hollywood has a side room with great light that would look great with flowers. It's as classy and edgy as Cliff's Edge (I hear the chef there is talented). Though not as fancy as a Four Seasons or Saddle Peak Lodge, the food is far better than most hotels in L.A. The prices are right and they offer Endless Bloody Mary's, Bloody Larry's, Mimosa's and Punch.


              Happy 40th to the wifey! I should be a better husband!

              Search this board. Brunch there has its fans.

              1. Il Moro has a really nice patio that would work.

                1. How about Chateau Marmont?
                  Lovely patio, interesting people, and they are
                  definitely used to catering to specific requests/

                  1. The St Regis Brunch in Dana Point might be an alternative.

                    1. Was just at Connie & Ted's for first time yesterday in late afternoon. As I was leaving, there were some moms and little kids coming in for what looked to be a birthday party on a side patio. I didn't look too closely at it, so I'm not sure how big it was. Call them and ask. Might be a perfect location for you; pretty central. Not too bad traffic on a weekend from the westside.