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May 1, 2014 11:10 AM

10 days -- Staying near Le Centre Pompidou

We are staying 10 days in Paris 2 blocks north of the Le Centre Pompidou between the Etinenne Mariel and Arts et Metiers metro stops. We would appreciate recommendations for restaurants, markets and coffee shops that are authentic and not terribly expensive.

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  1. Have you read any threads?

    1. Absolutely. Many great recommendations. I am trying to find somethings very close to where we will be staying. I so not know this area very well.

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        Look at this list that has restaurants by arrondissements.

        We are staying in a similar location. Le Taxi Jaune is praised on CH and by John Talbott.

        We like have eaten at Metropolitian in the 4th and enjoyed it. Les Enfant Rouges is getting great reviews. Also like the drinks and small plates at Le Mary Celeste.

        Close by in the 1st, Chez Denise gets lots of love. Also like Cafe des Musees in the 3rd.

      2. Restaurants/ 5-min walking radius:
        Le Taxi Jaune on the rue Chapon in the 3rd... honest trad (including horsemeat on the menu) cuisine... fab neighbourhood bistro with loads of soul... also doubles as a small épicerie and wine bar/ café during non-meal hours...the chef Otis Lebert is a delight as well as one of the leaders of the "fait maison" and locavore movements... closed on Sat + Sun ... less than 20 € for lunch and 35 to 40 € for dinner.
        Amabassade d'Auvergne on the rue du Grenier-Saint-Lazare in the 3rd.... Auvergnate/ regional cuisine... I rarely go to this place but tourists (and Michelin) like it a lot so why not.... a Bib Gourmand so around 35 €... open 7/7.
        Le 404, rue des Gravilliers in the 3rd.... very trendy restaurant with North African grub... despite the trendiness, the couscous is superb and the pastilla and mechoui items are surprisingly good... arguably overpriced but you can still get a fab meal for under 40 €.... open 7/7 for dinner and Mon to Fri for lunch + decent but not great brunch on Sat + Sun.
        Derrière, rue des Gravailliers in the 3rd, same owner and same air of trendiness/ see-&-be-seen as Le 404... a fun place with good but rather pricey French/ international nosh.... a 25 € "formule for lunch.... open 7/7
        Chez Mémé, rue Saint-Denis in the 2nd... a quite kitschy/ camp resto on a "colourful" street... although newish, an authentic representation of the quartier....updated classic cuisine... lots of fun but may not suit Republican-types... around 40 €... dinner only ... open 7/7.
        Musée des Arts-et-Métiers.... fab space/ one of the most under-rated museums in Paris... and a decent café only open (from 10am to 6pm Tue to Sat) for ticket or Paris Visite pass holders.
        Le Hangar, impasse Berthaud just off rue Beaubourg... probably the only decent restaurant in the immediate vicinity of the Centre Pompidou... insulated from the tourist swarms by its hidden location... classic bistro fare... closed Sun + Mon.

        Lots of other recommendable restos in a 5- to 15-minute radius: Pirouette, Chez Denise, Frenchie Bar à Vins, Edgar, Café des Musées, Robert et Louise, etc etc. Easy enough to find if you do a search on Chowhound for "Marais", "Haut Marais", and "Les Halles".

        I imagine you are equidistant from the rue Montorgueil in the 2nd and rue de Bretagne in the 3rd. The rue Montorgueil is one of the oldest shopping streets in Paris (and there is a Monet called "Rue Montorgueil" in the Musée d'Orsay), closed on Monday and on Sunday afternoon but otherwise all day except a long lunch break for some shops... there's also a smallish afternoon outdoor market on Thur and a somewhat larger morning market on Sunday next to Saint-Eustache church at the start of the rue Montorgueil... nearby streets like the rue Montmartre and rue Tiquetonne can also be quite good for shops/ cafés.
        The rue de Bretagne in the upper 3rd is a total delight although somewhat too busy at weekends. Loads of shops and cafés (of which the best for hanging out are Le Charlot, Le Progrès, and Le Sancerre). The very historic covered Marché des Enfants Rouges has an excellent selection of shops/ stands as well as half a dozen mini-restos for eating there or takeaway. For picnics, the Square du Temple is just a minute away.

        If you hop on the #47 bus on the rue Beaubourg, the excellent Marché Maubert on the place Maubert in the 5th on Tue, Thu & Sat mornings is also in easy reach. Return bus goes up the boulevard Sébastopol... you can get off at either the Turbigo-Etienne Marcel or Réamur-Sébastopol stop.

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          The Enfants Rouges market has a few eateries that are good and not expensive, and the atmosphere - eating in the middle of a market - is always fun (although a visiting hound once dissed the "décor", saying it's just a market. Makes one wonder what people expect when they go to - gasp - a market). There is also the smallest poultry stand in the very back that sells poultry from a farm in Dordogne. The farm also supplies to the kind of top restos that are mentioned on this board all the time. The prices are very good. Ferme Avicole des Grands Champs. It is at the Enfants Rouges about once or twice a month. Next time: the weekend of 24 and 25 May.

          Agreed about the St Eustache market, so central, so good, so compact.

          Also agreed re Ambassade d'Auvergne. It's standard food that an average cook can make at home. What is the Big Tourist Deal ?

        2. You're about an 8-block walk from Aux Tonneaux des Halles, a bistro we like very much. Lots of locals there at lunch. Friendly folks running the place. great steak frites. :)