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May 1, 2014 10:52 AM

Trip Report 4/23-4/27

It's Jazzfest time again, and after a long winter up North, I was ready for some NOLA charm. Here's the list.


Luke's- Stopped in for a martini, and had some oysters & shrimp. This place can be so hit or miss. The oysters were plump & briny, the shrimp were mushy & disappointing. The martini was off too.

Cochon- Started with a longtime favorite, fried alligator chunks, with a spicy aioli. These were great, if a little bit chewy.
The special was a chili-glazed soft shelled crab. It was deep fried, and served over a pickled salad of radishes & cucumbers, with heirloom cherry tomatoes. One of the best dishes I ate all weekend.

Also had a couple of Wollybops(?). This was a vodka & peach type of cocktail that went down real easy.


Peche- First time eating here, I was excited for lunch. We started with a tuna sashimi appetizer, served with fried artichoke & shallots. This was outstanding, the fried artichoke leaves were like veggie cracklins'. Also had their NOLA style BBQ shrimp, which were solid, but could have used some bread for sopping.

The smothered catfish as good as I thought it would be, not too heavy. My buddy seemed to enjoy his shrimp roll, think lobster roll with shrimp instead.

Kingfish- Stopped in here for a Bramble, a gin blackberry cocktail. Also, tried the Shrimp Geauxfre. Both were very good, but the bartender's service was pretentious, on the verge of rude. He drove a party of three women seated next to me at the bar, to take their cocktails to-go.

Cochon Butcher- Stopped by to pick up some snacks for late night. The recent expansion makes a world of difference, tons of space to sit down now.
We had the Muffaletta & some type of lamb gyro after a night music & revelry. Both were terrific, with the Muffaletta living up to its hype.


Le Petit Grocery- Had a memorable meal here with some great friends.
Everything was delicious, here are the highlights: blue crab beignets,
ricotta lobster, steak tartare, paneed rabbit, and creme brûlée. One note, the chef sent out a free appetizer that was described on the menu as Oyster Stew. This needs to be re-named. The dish was more like Oysters Alfredo. Three fried oysters in a spinach-pecorino cheese sauce. Heavenly.


The usual suspects for me, all excellent as always:

Soft Shelled Crab PoBoy
Baby Spinach Salad with Oysters
Meat Pie
Cochon du lait PoBoy
Butter beans & Collard Greans
Trout Baquet (my recent new favorite.)

Another great visit, counting the days til I can return.

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  1. Re: oyster aldredo, I once saw gazpacho served in New Iberia under the monniker "shrimp Cocktail soup." It was excellent, though.

    1. Nice review, thanks. One wonders how hard it is to screw up a martini in an upscale-ish restaurant. Gads. For what it's worth, the Doris M. folks do not: Plymouth and fresh Dolin both at hand and a good understanding of "not dry."

      The Kingfish tale isn't surprising. I've been less than impressed with the so-called service.

      1. Ricky, thanks for the review. Sounds like you were eating lite... to stretch all that food over sooooo many days. Also Im guessing Cindy was in cahoots with the Kingfish bartender because I saw those girls eyeing you!

        1. ive also had mushy shrimp from Luke. i wont order them there. it's disappointing and unacceptable from a Besh restaurant to not know how to cook shrimp properly...