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May 1, 2014 10:47 AM

What happened to the Texas Rib King

I am a huge fan of the chopped beef sandwich at Texas Rib King, but unfortunately they have been closed for about a month with a sign on the door that says "closed for renovations". Nothing inside has changed in over a month, does anyone know what the status is of this great but overlooked BBQ joint?

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  1. Never been here, was it any good?

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    1. re: Rptrane

      They are good. I like the smoked turkey, something that I used to ever order at any BBQ place until a few years ago. TRK won quite a few awards at that rib festival.

      Aside: one of the greatest days of my life happened when, with some friends riding bikes, we happened on to Auditorium Shores to that rib festival. We were already very hungry, and did not know it was occurring. Artz Rib house won that year.

      1. re: Rptrane

        before the bbq boom TRK was my goto. in any other town they would probably be a top joint but we have an embarrassment of riches here. They had a pretty robust catering business. I still think they had a great pork rib. I also give points for always having the food they advertise and being open for dinner.

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          I'm a fan. They're not in the league of franklin/labbq/mueller, but they're lineless, consistent, reasonably priced and other pluses. I'd take them over Rudy's any day.

        2. They used to be on 19th I believe before the reincarnation on 183. Brisket used to cut like butter. Hopefully they'll have another incarnation and up their game to catch up with the bbq boom.

          1. Ok, we've established that he makes some decent BBQ, the question is what happened to him? (the chopped beef is unquestionably the best lunch value in town! Or was)

            1. News update on the Rib King: At least there is some activity behind blacked out windows at the Rib King. I am hopeful that they are really remodeling to make a newer better Rib King, but it is also possible that they are putting something else in the space, hope not. Stay tuned for further uptdates!

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                This week's Chronicle says the Slab BBQ truck is going brick and mortar in that space.