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May 1, 2014 10:42 AM

2014 spot prawn season

Has anyone seen live spot prawns this year? Any price comparison?

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  1. This year's season opens May 8.

    1. The eighth annual Spot Prawn Festival is being held on Saturday, May 10 at the False Creek Fisherman's Wharf.

      1. Saw spot prawns at T&T Coquitlam yesterday. They looked nice to me ... can't remember price tho.

        1. Saw them at T&T Tinseltown yesterday for 16.99 per lb

          1. I saw a handful at Granville Island - on ice and can't recall if they were beheaded or not. If not - avoid!
            Also, they were US caught - as I suspect the T&T ones are too.

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            1. re: kinnickinnik

              avoid with heads on or with heads off? What is the implication either way just for my education?

              1. re: J and V

                Avoid with heads on unless they're live and kicking. The head releases digestive enzymes upon death leading to mushy, gross shrimp meat.