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May 1, 2014 10:35 AM

Charleston Specialty Shops (gift certificate)?

Hi All. My best friend just moved to Charleston a few months ago and is loving it. She's living in Pt. Pleasant. Her birthday is coming up and I'd like to get her a gift certificate to a local store - maybe a wine a cheese store, a place that sells fresh pasta or even something like a really good ice-cream shop/cafe. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for your help! I love you city!

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  1. I cannot say enough good things about goat.sheep.cow cheese shop. The owners (Patty and Trudi) are the loveliest of people and so generous. They want you to taste everything! They have a wide selection of local cheeses and cheeses from far, far away. They also carry charcuterie, artisinal breads & olive oil, specialty food products, wines, etc.

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      Great recommendation! Thank you! Would it be silly to get a smaller gift certificate - like $25? I know that's kind of low for a wine shop. Thanks again!

      1. re: kdemayo

        Not at all! She can get a nice hunk of a really lovely cheese and a baguette. Or two smaller hunks of a gooey cheese and then a hunk of a firmer one. She has many options, don't worry.

        Can you tell I'm a bit of a cheese lover? ;)

    2. Southern Seasons for sure

      1. Thanks for the help everyone! Six dower, sorry I missed your recommendation. I did get her a gift card from goat.sheep.cow and she loved it. Said she's been meaning to check it out anyway. :) Thanks!