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Where to buy whole roasted pig in Philadelphia?

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I'm having a pig roast for my husband's 60th birthday and looking for a whole roasted pig, any suggestions? Will probably have my son pick up somewhere in Philadelphia on his way out to Chester County. I know there are a few but recommendations are helpful.

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  1. In Chester County, contact the Brandywine Picnic Park, a few miles outside West Chester boro. http://picnic.com/

        1. can also get one of those chinese roast sucking pigs. basically, if you go to chinatown and find a storefront where the roast meats are a-hangin', just go and find out! sorry, i don't have recs as haven't lived in philly for a number of years, but a few years ago, my parents brought one to my house they picked up in philly and i ate like a king for days.

          1. I think Zachary's in Norristown will do a whole pig.
            I like their food quite a bit.

            1. Blooming Glen Pork and Catering. Blooming Glen, PA

              1. If you want to go the Italian route (porchetta) than there is no better in my opinion than Esposito's

                I've had Blooming Glen's at two parties and it was very good as well, but something about the garlic rosemary and whatever else Esposito's seasons their pork with that makes it just a little slice o' heaven (oh, and the skin!)