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May 1, 2014 08:15 AM

Dinner Gift Certificate to celebrate soon-to-be married couple in their late 20's

I do not live in Boston (though love to visit)! I would welcome recommendations for a dining destination for a young couple, in lieu of a traditional gift to celebrate their upcoming wedding. One of the pair is not an adventurous eater and the other, a local boy from Beantown. Any ideas? Easy access to Cambridge preferred. I am thinking of two gift certificates @ $75.00 each (they are long time neighbors). Many thanks!

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  1. East Coast Grill, East Side Bar and Grille, Alden and Harlow, Russell House Tavern, and Area Four might be a good fit. They are all in Cambridge. In Boston, Eastern Standard is always popular with my family members in that age group. What a nice idea for a gift!

    1. How about $75 to Oleana and $75 to Sarma?

      Personally, however, since $75 probably won't cover the bill at either place (especially with drinks), I would prefer one gift card to one restaurant where I could splurge for a nice meal as opposed to 2 gift cards that don't cover the entire cost of the meal. Others might disagree though and prefer two different places.

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        I thought of these two restaurants as well but the OP did say one is not an adventurous eater. Personally, there's nothing I'd love better other than a gift certificate to the long gone Rauxa in Union Square. Maybe Neptune Oyster if the unadventurous goes for seafood? $75 for two won't get you far most places, with drinks, though my DC and I do it for under $75 all the time, as light eaters.

      2. Highland Kitchen, Gran Gusto, Tupelo, Eastern Standard...

        (But really, depending on where in Cambridge, most of Boston is easy to get to via the T or walking)

        1. Catalyst in Kendall Sq, Cambridge