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May 1, 2014 08:14 AM

London: meals that can only be ordered by a group

Hi - sorry if this has been covered, but I'm not even sure which search terms to use! OK -

We are looking for a restaurant for an upcoming stag weekend (older crowd, not raucous). We thought it might be fun to pre-order a meal that can only be ordered by a group - like the St John's Feasting Menu, where they cook a whole suckling pig. Kind of like a group bonding thing.

Does anyone know of London restaurants other than St Johns that offer that kind of communal, group-only menu? Thanks!

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  1. I know Hix Soho does some feasting type menus for groups.

    Hawksmoor Guildhall has a private room where you can order a steak tasting menu/banquet last time I checked.

    I've also always been intrigued by the Hue Imperial Dinner at the Viet Grill.

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    1. Argentian restaurant A la Cruz does a whole lamb on request

      If you fancy a bit more of the party theme you can get a variety of exotic meats as a feasting menu here:

      Posh chinese suckling pig here:

      Ethiopian can be a good group thing too if you like that.

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        I thought A La Cruz closed a long time back? I went not long after it opened and enjoyed it so would be interested to know if it's re-opened?

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          Weird. You're right, and yet they still have an active website. I wonder if they have kept it in case they reopen somewhere.

      2. Presa, hake's head, or txuleton at Pizarro.

        The cote de boeuf at Casse-Croute.

        1. Thanks everyone, this is great! For future reference I guess I should have searched for "feasting menu". These are all great suggestions.

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            I really enjoyed a group menu of the kind you're asking about at the Drapers Arms in Islington - a really lovely private room, too. I'm sure if you spoke to them, they could talk you through the hunk o'meat options they offer ;)

          2. Some lamb dish at Gt. Queen St. is good for sharing, like a group of 4