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May 1, 2014 08:10 AM

River House Brielle ... Wedding reception plans

Checked the place out and really quite beautiful. Then I read some reviews and found not so good reviews about the food being over cooked, bland and dry. Has anyone had a reception there recently and can tell me what transpired on their special day good or bad? Thanks

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  1. I went to two of them last year and didnt enjoy either one. The cocktail hour downstairs was severly lacking on quality food and the meals upstairs were equally as disappointing.

    The starter salad sitting on the table when we went upstairs looked like it had been sitting on the table for an hour. The focal point of the salad was the caper berry which shouldnt be a focal point of any salad. The entree we had just wasnt good. I wish I could remember more details, but I really blocked the food details out.

    If you have a big wedding, the dancefloor is super tight. There are tables that were around a corner by the back bar that couldnt see the dancefloor.

    Theres a small outdoor space upstairs, where you cant smoke... maybe be fine for some, but I enjoy a nice cigar at weddings, and this would have been the perfect spot.

    Lastly, you have the outdoor deck below you which is incredibly loud. I'm sorry, but I would never want to share my wedding site with people sitting outside in shorts, tanks and flip flops drinking coors light out of plastic cups.

    Sorry to be a downer, but there's a lot of other local wedding sites that are both beach and, well.... better.

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      Funny you bring up the flip flops and shorts etc. I feel the same way every time there was a wedding at my beach club. Here I am in my wet bathing suit and flip flops using the bathroom next to a guy in a tux in the wedding party.

      I feel horrible for the guests who have us walking through or around the cocktail hour etc. Never would I want that regardless of the beach front draw.

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        Oh no not what I was hoping to hear!! Going for dinner tonight to try and get a heads up on food quality.

        1. re: Barbarella

          Get the shrimp cocktail, they use U-12's very large shrimp! My mother use to love to go there just for that. The ala' carte menu and food will be "ok", nothing great but nothing foul, it's all about the location and view. Enjoy.

      2. I don't know anything about the River House, but, if you are looking for a wedding venue we just went to one at the Crystal Point in Point Pleasant and it was fabulous. The food was fantastic, the room was very pretty and the view was great. Everyone that I know that went to this wedding said the same thing - there was not one thing to complain about. I would highly recommend it. Good Luck to you on your wedding.

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          My brother-in-law was married at Crystal Point 15 years ago and everything was great. Nice to hear that they've kept up the quality.

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            Funny so was my friend in August about the same time and was fine...

          2. re: nizza

            Wow opinions sure do differ. We checked out Crystal Point last week and all three of us were turned off. First was the deplorable parking lot and the view from the first floor towards the river. This was followed by the really dark and dingy carpeting. The whole time I was in the place my eyes were watering and there was some sort of moldy smell to the place. Perhaps still problems from Sandy? Anyway that was not for us.

            1. re: Barbarella

              I dont know what your budget it, so I dont want to just throw around random places. I will say that one of the nicest oceanfront or by the water spots I have seen in recent memory is Windows on the Water @ the surfrider in Sea Bright.

              Its prob expensive, but the room personifies class IMO. It doesnt look like your stereotypical banquet facility. Nice white marble throughout, good outdoor deck, and even the bathrooms are legit.

              Never been here, but I know people used to rave about the place on the island leading to LBI.

              1. re: Lcdsoundsystem

                Lol that's my beach club! Read my comments above! It is beautiful but the deck you mention is often used in conjunction with cocktail hour and the bathrooms, which are legit, are shared with the beach club members.

                1. re: jrvedivici

                  Thats funny. I've only been upstairs in non-summer times.

              2. re: Barbarella

                Barbarella, you know I said we just went, but, time does fly as the wedding we attended was last summer. Maybe things changed. I don't remember the parking lot at all and there was no sort of moldy smells. or dirty carpeting I would have been upset over that and would have remembered. Sorry to hear that they have gone down hill.