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May 1, 2014 07:02 AM

Looking for a new smoker

I have been smoking for years with a barrel smoker with an offset fire box. The ting is almost rusted through at this point and am starting to look for something new.

I would love something that would work for both cold smoking and hot smoking and am willing to move from using charcoal to either gas or electric. Would like something that is nice and sturdy.

Please let me know what has worked for all of you.

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  1. Check out the BBQ, Smoking and Grilling forum here, I'm sure folks would be happy to help you part with your money on a new toy LOL

    1. I use the Brinkmann Smoke 'N Grill. Works awesome. I got mine on sale at Target for 15 American bones -- I couldn't believe it. I couldn't say no to that. I wasn't even in the market for a smoker. Three years of use now and not one complaint except the fact that I can't read the temperature gauge anymore because it's smoked out with "meat and wood tar" :)

      MSRP is $59.95 on their website:
      ...which means it's cheaper elsewhere. Even 59 bucks is a hella deal, in my opinion. It'll fit a medium turkey.

      You can smoke in just about any grill but this one works even better.

        I like this propane GOSM from Walmart for hot smoking. I also own @ Bradley electric that I think you can add a cold smoke generator to.
        Lots of good info here:

          1. Shirley fabrication smokers are very nice.