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May 1, 2014 06:25 AM

Sally's Building for Sale???

I hope this is strictly a real estate story, not a pizza crisis.

(I suspect the former, at least initially)

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  1. It is an Apizza crisis....................
    eating there more than 50 years and the proud holder of the private phone number. It's not just the real estate that is being sold.

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    1. re: bagelman01

      That's what I was afraid of, despite the article's rhetoric.

      A friend of mine who is with a large NYC commercial real estate owner said, in response to another friend's jest that we put together a group to rescue Sally's: "That's a no win. Whoever buys it will be accused of screwing it up, selling out because they'll have to expand, etc."

      1. re: bagelman01

        I won't miss the place or it's exclusiveness. I had a good tomato pie there but the clam was a canned, fishy mess. Service was rude to us, but I did witness special treatment for others. Guess we needed to have the private number.

        1. re: chervil9

          Never had the clam Apizza, so I cannot comment. I am strictly an eater of the classic New Haven Apizza, sauce and grated Romano cheese. No mozzarella, no meat.

          I've eaten there for more than 55 years and always found them friendly and nice, never rude. I frequented them through good times and bad (when being in New Haven at night was taking your life into your own hands <and I'm a native New Havener>), I helped out when they got super busy and my patronage and loyalty was/is appreciated (which is why I have the private phone number). I miss Sal and Flo, the sons make as good a pie, but the place isn't the same without the parents. Sally's 'special treatment' was their unofficial frequent diners club, not a suck up to the 'in crowd.'

      2. Hugh Keefe, odd. Hope this doesn't mean the dawn of pineapple, goatcheese, egg, or buffalo chicken pies

        1. Not good news, but the Consiglio family circumstances have changed. They had a good run for 80 years. Sally's has been Bagelman's favorite for decades, and he knows New Haven pie.

          1. I'll just have to keep the over 60 years of memories.

            As a native Bronxite - it thought I knew pizza until my New Haven relatives took me to Sally's (yes, they had the private number back then). I ordered a plain pie & got - what? No Cheese? It was kindly explained that plain meant plain, you want cheese, order cheese.

            Didn't matter - the pie was great. Instant convert.