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May 1, 2014 04:34 AM

So much cheese... Best way to store it

So I went to Costco last night and got Costco'ed. I rarely have the right kind of snacking cheese - I freeze fresh mozzarella and thaw overnight when I want to make pizza :) - and just went a little nuts when I saw all the cheeses at Costco.

I bought 2lb block of Tillamook Vintage Extra Sharp White Cheddar, 2.5lb block of Tillamook medium sharp cheddar and 2lb block of Dubliner cheese. Yes, go ahead and laugh - costco is my kryptonite. I figured these cheeses are aged for a couple years plus, so what's the harm in 'aging' them at home.

Both Tillamooks have Best Before dates of 2015 and the Dubliner has a BB date of November 2014. With respect to our waistlines, I would rather store than consume all.

Is it possible to freeze some and leave some out in the fridge?


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  1. The search feature on Chowhound works wonderfully, try it sometime.

    1. I buy a whack of one kind of cheese at Costco (5 year old white Balderson cheddar). It takes me a while to get through it but since it is aged it lasts pretty well just resealed in plastic in the fridge (I've also been known to cut larger blocks down and seal them tightly -- do you have a vacuum sealer?). I think your Vintage and your Dubliner will survive similarly well. The medium might be trickier. As long as you are well versed in the gentle art of cheese trimming, you should be okay though. If you get a bit of mold on the outside, just carefully remove it. I've never suffered any ill effects from this approach, though I know there are some more dangerous molds out there.

      I don't think the cheese will age any further once it is opened since it is no longer in a big block or round.

      Not a fan of freezing the types of cheeses you describe, as I find there is significant loss of texture.

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        I've found a vegetable peeler works well for shaving off the mold without wasting cheese.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          I always have smear fear with peelers or planes, plus I got a near-career ending thumb injury a couple years ago with a plane, so I'm a knife gal now :-)

          1. re: grayelf

            I grated most of my thumbnail off a few weeks ago with my microplane grater.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              The kind of waxy wrapping on Tillamook cheddar keeps it really well. After opening I just cover the cut end with plastic wrap. Any mold will form there and can be trimmed but that seldom happens to me as I eat it pretty fast. Mozzarella, even the factory blocks, are a softer cheese and don't keep nearly as well. That I would buy as needed. Freezing cheese does not work very well, though I have tried freezing costco blue cheese. It has limited life but after freezing has good flavor but texture changes,I would only use it for cooking.

      2. Hurray for cheeses! [and we concur re: Costco & cheese purchasing]
        What we do, and that meets our needs is...
        Cut off 1/4 of block; grate, wrap in doubled zip bags; flatten and freeze. The frozen shreds break off easily without thawing, and are great when I want a bit of cheese on top of a baked item/gratin.
        Cut off another 1/4 of block; wrap with parchment then reclosable zip bag, and store near front of fridge.
        Wrap remaining 1/2 of block in parchment, then plastic wrap and zip bag; store at back of fridge.
        Remember that the BB dates are VOLUNTARY, and usually reference for best quality. The dates (on foods) do not reference food safety.